Scientific seminar “Novel zinc (II)/chitosan-based composite”

Scientific seminar “Novel zinc (II)/chitosan-based composite”

2021 The event passed
11 Feb
Direction: Chemistry
Format: Seminar
Contact person
Knyazeva Elena
About the event

11 February, at 15:00 MSK

Ultrasonic treatment of the reaction between chitosan and aromatic aldehyde, 4-formyl-3-hydroxy-5-hydroxymethyl-1,2-dimethylpyridin-1-ium iodide, resulted in its significant acceleration and increase in degree of derivatization. The CH=N bond of the prepared Schiff base was reduced, and the formed polymeric material was converted into the corresponding zinc (II) composite by treatment with ZnCl2 and NaOH. The obtained composite is non-toxic, possesses high antibacterial activity and can be employed as the catalyst in the Mannich reaction between benzaldehyde, phenylacetylene and piperidine.


Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities.

Spealer: Niyaz YAGAFAROV (researcher of RIC RUDN University, Russian Federation).

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