Scientific seminar “Progress in the chemistry of boron-dipyrromethenes (BODIPY)”

Scientific seminar “Progress in the chemistry of boron-dipyrromethenes (BODIPY)”

2021 The event passed
25 Mar
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Knyazeva Elena
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25 March at 15.00 MSK

Organic fluorescent dyes are becoming indispensable tools for scientists in a wide range of technologies, such as imaging, medical diagnosis, photodynamic therapy, organic electronics, metal sensors, pH sensors and solar energy applications. Among them, 4,4-difluoro-4-bora-3a,4a-diaza-s-indacene (BODIPY) dyes are used for many application areas due to wide absorption coefficient and high fluorescence quantum yield. In addition to these properties, the low-rate transition between systems, good solubility, high chemical stability, excellent thermal and photochemical stability against environmental changes such as polarity, pH variations and oxygen-containing environments make titled compounds ideal candidate for various applications.

Furthermore, the absorption and emission properties of these compounds can be altered by modifications to the BODIPY core (such as the addition of substituents that increase molecule conjugation), which can lead to a longer wavelength shift of the absorption and emission regions, as well as gaining various properties to the molecule. In recent studies, heterocyclic molecules have been used to adopt aforementioned modifications to BODIPY molecules. So we defined our strategy for construction of new BODIPY as preparation new molecules starts from 2,4-disubstituted pyrroles.


Efimov Ilya (researcher of RIC RUDN University, Russian Federation).

Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities.

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