Scientific seminar «Remediation of TNT-contaminated water»

Scientific seminar «Remediation of TNT-contaminated water»

2021 The event passed
29 Apr
Direction: Chemistry
Format: Seminar
Contact person
Knyazeva Elena
About the event

29 April at 15:00 MSK

In the process of demilitarization of explosives, army ammunition plants generate a waste stream known as pink water. The principal component of the wastewater is the nitro-aromatic compound 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT). The discharge of pink water to the environment has been prohibited in many countries because of the toxicity of the compound and its metabolites to various ecological receptors. The seminar covers the most common methods and approaches for the removal of TNT from the contaminated water.



Olga Chusova (researcher of RIC RUDN University, Russian Federation)

Participants: students, postgraduates and scientific-pedagogical workers of the faculty of Sciences of RUDN and other Universities.

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