Seminar “Environmental Protection in Agriculture”

Seminar “Environmental Protection in Agriculture”

2023 The event passed
4 Oct
Contact person
Popkova Anna
About the event

On 4 October at 17:00 p.m. (Moscow time)

The scientific seminar is aimed at establishing academic ties, as well as creating a dialogue platform for the exchange of modern approaches for sustainable agriculture.

The seminar will bring together leading scientists from RUDN University (Russia), Agrarian University of Havana (Cuba), Regional Centre for Agricultural Research of Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) and National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (Egypt) to discuss a number of issues related to the following important areas:

  • Bioorganic Waste Degradation;
  • Soil Heavy Metals Pollution Assessment;
  • Land Use / Land Cover;
  • Wheat Breeding;
  • Eco-friendly Agricultural Techniques;
  • Integrated Diseases and Pest Management within Agroecosystems;
  • Crop Rotation and Intercropping Systems.


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