Seminar “Interaction of population migration and distribution of wealth”

Seminar “Interaction of population migration and distribution of wealth”

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28 Jan
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January 28, at 16:30 MSK

Topic: Interaction of population migration and distribution of wealth.

Dynamics of human populations can be affected by various socio-economic factors through their influence on the natality and mortality rates, and on the migration intensity and directions. In this work we study an economic-demographic model which takes into account the dependence of the wealth production rate on the available resources. In the case of nonlocal consumption of resources the homogeneous in space wealth-population distribution is replaced by a periodic in space distribution for which the total wealth increases. For the global consumption of resources, if the wealth redistribution is small enough, then the homogeneous distribution is replaced by a heterogeneous one with a single wealth accumulation center. Thus, economic and demographic characteristics of nonlocal and global economies can be quite different in comparison with the local economy.



Vitaly Volpert, director of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Center "Mathematical Modeling in Biomedicine" of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia.

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