Webinar "Moscow PAs - the basis of the ecological framework of the city"

Webinar "Moscow PAs - the basis of the ecological framework of the city"

2022 The event passed
12 Dec
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Stanis Elena
About the event

Brief summary webinar “Protected areas in Moscow — the basis of the ecological framework of the city” is held within the framework of studying the ecology of cities and towns in Russia.

The webinar will discuss the problems of environmental management in a megalopolis like Moscow, to which many regions are trying to follow in solving their problems of conservation and organization of protected areas within urban areas. On the other hand, young colleagues will tell and show the results of their student project work to create a video film about Moscow’s protected areas and their functions.

At the webinar the reports will be heard and discussed:

Speaker: Svetlana Voyeikova, consultant to Mospriroda, representative of contractors who carry out orders from Mospriroda in the field of environmental protection of the city. A graduate of the PFUR Faculty of Ecology with many years’ experience in Moscow’s protected area management agencies.

Features of the Gorky Park. Speakers Tyulgina Alesya and Makushina Tatiana

Features of the Izmailovo Park. Speakers Angelina Brekhova and Evgeniya Kozlova


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