All achievements

Development of technology and creation of experimental installation for obtaining of the substance "Vitanam".

Development of the technique and research of the composition of phyto-cream with silver nanoparticles.

Study of physical and chemical characteristics of the carbon-modified composite, ceramic and radiation-resistant nanocarbon samples.

Development of a rapid determination technique for the concentration of heavy elements in pharmaceuticals and analytical samples according to x-ray photoabsorption jumps.

Mathematical modeling of thermal processing during obtaining of a foam glass.

Study of predecessors of nucleoli in early embryogenesis.

Creation of passive transport systems for antitumor substances based on nanoparticles of Chitosan derivatives.

Obtaining of carbon nanostructures from coals at various metamorphism stages and research of their of physical and chemical properties

Study of the microstructure of the complex alloy Fe-Cr-W-Al.

Development of conditions for laboratory synthesis of biocompatible nano-permeable coatings and films with stable physicochemical characteristics.