All equipments
Ultrasonic digital installation I100-840
Study of the ultrasound effects on liquid media in cavitation and pre-cavitation mode. Working frequency 22 ± 10% kHz and 30 ± 10% kHz
Polarizing microscope Nikon NIKON LV100N POL
Polarizing microscope for routine and research work with polished sections in transmitted or transmitted and reflected light (with illuminator of reflected light LV-UEPI-N) in laboratories of mineralogy, petrography, geology, forensics, etc.
Profilometer Dektak 150
Intended for:
• measurement of surface roughness,
• measurement of step height,
• measurement of planarity and deflection of plates
• assessment of deformations arising from the application of thin films
• quality control of microcircuits and fine trench isolation.
Allows to increase sample thickness up to 6 inches, scan length – up to 55 mm, maximum terrain height – up to 512. Step height measurement repeatability was improved to 6 Angstrom.
Spectrophotometer Lambda 950
Scanning dual beam spectrophotometer with a double monochromator.
• analysis of optical transmission and reflection of samples;
• analysis and identification of different substances in chemistry, petrochemistry, pharmacology, ecology, food industry, medicine, biology;
• assessment of identity of the finished drugs and raw materials;
• control of raw materials, paints, glass.
Nano-spray dryer Buchi NanospraydryerB-90
Convertion of liquid mixtures into the dry powder and obtaining of nanoscale particles with a high yield from milligrams of the sample.
Residual stress nondestructive testing device Synton-Test
Determination of technological and exploitation-induced internal stress in the surface layer
Biostation Nikon IM-Q
Cultivation of cells under stationary conditions (temperature, atmosphere, humidity) and obtaining of the high-quality images
Interference microscope MIM-310
Study of geometrical terrain, polarizing and physical properties of crystalline and semiconductor nanostructures
Microscope Nikon Eclipse MA200
Optical microscopy of objects in reflected and transmitted light
Particle size Analyzer Nanophox PSS
Determination of the particle size in emulsions and suspensions using laser diffraction method Determination of stability of emulsions and suspensions
Analytical technological complex ACM NTI Spectra
Atomic force microscopy; Optical microscopy and confocal laser (Rayleigh) microscopy;
Confocal Raman microscopy;
Confocal fluorescence analysis: image and spectroscopy;
Scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM);
Probe-enhanced Raman/fluorescence spectroscopy (TERS, TEFS)
Gas chromatograph Crystal 5000
Analysis and separation of mixtures of organic substances
Scanning nanohardness tester NanoScan-3D
Study of topography and structure of surfaces; measurement of mechanical properties (including hardness and elastic modulus) through methods of nanoindentation and sclerometry
Transmission electron microscope JEOL LEM-2100
Study of the nanoscale morphology of inorganic materials up to atomic resolution study of the phase composition of inorganic materials; determination of the elemental and chemical composition of local areas in samples using energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and the characteristic electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).
Synchronous thermoanalyser Netzsch STA 449 F1 with QMS 403 C
Thermogravimetric analysis; Simultaneous thermal analysis (Thermogravimetry/Differential Scanning Calorimetry/Differential Thermal Analysis) at temperatures up to 1600°C; Simultaneous thermal analysis combined with gas analysis using a quadrupole mass spectrometer