Main areas of research
  • Obtaining of nanoparticles of silver, gold, selenium, carbon nanotubes and other elements and compounds for medicine, catalysis and electronics. Study of physical and chemical characteristics of the obtained nanoobjects
  • Development and quality control of pharmaceutical forms using nanoparticles based on biologically active substances of plant origin.
  • Development of highly sensitive test systems at nano and micro levels and creation of diagnostic kits for early detection of markers (antibodies, antigens) of infectious and autoimmune diseases in humans, mammals and birds.
  • Studies of the physiology of cell cultures and influence of nanoparticles of different nature on the proliferation of the cell lines.
  • Development of non-destructive express methods for the determination of heavy element content in pharmaceuticals and analytical samples.
  • Stabilization of nanoparticle dispersions with surface-active and high-molecular compounds.
  • Development of alternative fuels on the basis of coal and organic liquid wastes.
  • Development of technology and creation of experimental installation for obtaining of the drug substance "Vitanam".