The RUDN (RUDN University) is one of the largest Russian publishers of scientific, educational, methodological literature, peer-reviewed journals, materials for students, post-graduate students, lecturers, specialists, and a wide range of readers.

According to the Russian Chamber of Books, among more than 600 Russian universities, which have their own publishing houses and printing houses, the RUDN is included in the TOP-10 in terms of the number of annual items and the total circulation of publications.

The RUDN is implementing partner programmes with the offices of Elsevier and SpringerNature.

The RUDN is a co-founder and member of the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers.

2 000 000
copies - printing fund
365 000
scientific fund
14 775
copies - fund of dissertations and author's theses

Information support for the educational and research work of the RUDN staff and students is provided by the Educational and Scientific Information Library Centre of the RUDN (Scientific Library) in the following areas:

  • circulation department and reading rooms;
  • Network services;
  • electronic library system of the RUDN: textbooks, training aids, laboratory-based manuals, educational materials, monographs, articles, etc.;
  • access to educational, universal and professional databases.
The total printing fund of the library
is more than 2 000 000 copies, including the scientific fund - 365 000 copies, the fund of dissertations and author's theses - 14 775 copies.
The electronic library system
accessible via the Internet, informs of the Centre's printing fund and provides full-text materials in the format of protected access.
on the university profile are available both in electronic databases and in print format. More than 300 items of print and electronic periodicals are purchased annually.
The university is connected to 32 electronic resources
of various organizations, scientific societies, publishing houses, where there are also based profile periodicals.
The total number of readers
is 40 000 people.

The RUDN is implementing a set of measures to develop and support the competitiveness of the scientific potential of researchers and students of the University at the international level, including in the publication activity:

measures to ensure the access of the university's AS to the world scientific information resources

to full-text databases of scientific publications, bibliometric and science-metric databases, teaching electronic resources;

measures to increase the publication competences of the RUDN AS

training seminars on the use of bibliometric and science-metric databases, Internet resources for promoting publications, selecting journals, preparing articles on international standards, individual counselling, developing methodological recommendations for authors, reviewers, editors;

measures to material incentive of scientific publications of high quality

financing the translation of articles into English, incentive payments on publishing the articles, in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, monographs, educational literature.

To coordinate the activities in this direction, there has been established the:

Publication activity is one of the key indicators of the productivity and effectiveness of scientific and scientific-methodological work of both researchers and research organizations and higher educational institutions.

The number of publications and references to these publications (citation) — characterizes the level of scientific achievements recognized by the domestic and foreign scientific community.

RUDN Publication activity

According to the international databases of scientific citation for 2012-2017 as of July 2017
the number of publications in the journals indexed in the Web
of Science Core Collection
the number of publications in the journals indexed in Scopus 2217
According to the national database of scientific citation (RSCI) for 2012-2016
the total number of publications 34 300
the number of citations 29 357
Hirsch index (h-index) 110
Among 2 321 scientific institutions and universities of the Russian Federation
place in the total number of scientific publications (over the last 5 years) 6
place in the number of citations (cumulative result) 26
Among 685 scientific institutions and universities of Moscow
place in the number of scientific publications (over the last 5 years) 5
place in number of citations (cumulative result) 12