All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum – Natalia Yukhimenko took the prize at the competition of scientific research works

All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum – Natalia Yukhimenko took the prize at the competition of scientific research works

Natalia Yukhimenko, a postgraduate student in the field of Education and Pedagogical Sciences, a master of the Department of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching It at the Faculty of Philology, took 2nd place in the nomination "Social Sciences" at the All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum "Science of the Future - the science of the young".

The year 2021 was distinguished by an unprecedented number of applications — more than 6,000 applicants. Out of 321 applicants, only 60 works won prizes. The competition is 100 people per place.

Natalia defended the project "The Common Slavic corpus of lexical foundations as a methodological component of teaching Russian in a Slavic audience." The project examines the problem of lexical interference in the study of the Russian language in the Slavic audience, the reasons for the formation of this phenomenon and ways to prevent it. The graduate student suggests using the common Slavic corpus of lexical foundations to create an effective method of teaching Russian vocabulary to students who are native speakers of Slavic languages.

"I actively started participating in competitions and doing science after entering the graduate school of the RUDN. It was interesting to try your hand at such a large competition. Since I am writing a dissertation, the topic of the project was directly related to it. RUDN undoubtedly provides all the necessary knowledge to participate in such competitions. I would like to express my gratitude to my scientific supervisor, Viktor Shaklein, Professor, Doctor of Philology.

In the future, I plan to continue research in the field of teaching methods of Russian as a foreign language. I am interested in the topics of the use of information technology in teaching, the use of audiovisual tools in the classroom, the creation of professionally-oriented textbooks and cognitive linguistics," said Natalia Yukhimenko.

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The Forum is held in accordance with the directions defined by the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development of the Russian Federation (SNTR). The main task is to form young people's attitude to science as an important resource for the development of society and a way of self-realization and building a successful career. The students and postgraduates who reached the final of the competition personally presented the results of their work to the international scientific community.

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