Telecommunication systems

Advanced research on 5G networks of the Internet of Things

Creation of information technology in the form of a set of mathematical models of radio resource control mechanisms of fifth-generation 5G heterogeneous wireless networks supporting technologies of direct interaction with D2D devices, Internet of Things IoT and Internet of Reliable Things IoRT. Within the framework of the research, fundamentally new analytical and simulation models, computational methods that implement information technology are being used. New models of queuing systems with a random number of heterogeneous sources of limited availability and with limited resources for information processing are developed. The results are used in the development of software for the operation of wireless mechanisms and machines involved in industrial production or the provision of services: designing robots or other automated devices controlled by wireless networks.

Development of mathematical models and methods of their analysis for assessing the quality of functioning of the infrastructure of the Internet of Things

Development of models for the movement of devices in 5G wireless networks, taking into account statistical data on mobility for evaluating the interference created by moving devices, and the associated probabilistic characteristics of periods of inaccessibility of the radio channel. Based on the statistical characteristics of the movement of subscribers, models of the movement of devices in a 5G heterogeneous wireless network are being developed. For typical scenarios of a subscriber interaction in 5G networks with the support of D2D connections and the Internet of Things, the characteristics of the signal-to-interference ratio, as well as the associated quality indicators, are analyzed in terms of random processes. A kinetic equation will be obtained for changing the probability distribution function of a wireless network. The research results are used in the development of software to support automated systems in the banking sector and insurance: design of automated banking and insurance offices, in which services will be operated by devices controlled via wireless networks.