Theoretical Physics

Fundamental physics of space objects, plasma astrophysics

The studies cover the following issues: waves and instabilities in cosmic plasma and gravitating media, magneto-rotational instability and astrophysical jets, mechanisms for generating cosmic rays, dynamics of systems of charged particles in the magnetic fields of planets and stars taking into account the presence of ultrastrong magnetic and gravitational fields near compact objects like white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, surfotronic acceleration, etc.

Physics of nonlinear phenomena

The study includes modelling nonlinear processes and phenomena, including in the theory of propagation of electromagnetic waves in media, in physics of wakefields, in the interaction of powerful ultrashort electromagnetic (laser) radiation pulses with matter, nonlinear effects in hydrodynamics, including filter theory and flows in porous media and in magneto hydrodynamics.

Physics of new materials

Theoretical studies of promising media and materials, including two-dimensional carbon configurations derived from graphene (graphene films, carbon nanotubes, fullerenes), and metamaterials with qualitatively new properties. Anomalous optical and magnetic properties of such materials, possible applications.