Neurosurgery and Clinical Medicine

Subject/research area

Neurosurgery/clinical trials.

Areas of study:

Basic research in the field of neurosurgery:

  • Theoretical and experimental studies aimed at obtaining new knowledge and patterns of functioning and pathology of the central nervous system (genetics of tumors of the central nervous system (CNS);
  • Relationship of molecular-cellular and electrochemical patterns of the function of the central nervous system;
  • Pathoneurophysiology of the CNS;
  • CNS mapping;
  • Pharmacological effects in the pathology of the central nervous system;
  • Digitization of brain activity processes, etc.), which will become the basis for subsequent applied and clinical research.

The purpose of research in the field of neurosurgery research aimed at practical solutions to the challenges faced in modern neurosurgery.

These include:

  • Obtaining in-depth knowledge in the clinical anatomy of the brain (using the methods of endoscopy, microscopy, exoscopy, 3D visualization and 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality technologies),
  • Developing  novel principles and methods of neurosurgical operations (key hole approaches, endoscopic mono- and multiportal operations, sutureless and minimum-invasiave neurosurgery, intrauterine neurosurgery, exposure to high-energy and scattered lasers, focused ultrasound, etc.);
  •  Development and invention of new high-tech domestic equipment for neurosurgeons (tweezers for microneurosurgery, ultrasonic bone scalpel, electrodes, neurostimulators, robotic complexes, etc.).

Clinical trials in the field of neurosurgery - scientific studies that are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of the developed new methods of diagnosis and treatment. These include a comparative multifactorial assessment of the immediate and long-term results of operations and other methods of treating CNS pathology, as well as active targeted monitoring of the results of the longest possible results in the mononosological aspect - tracking the results of neurosurgical treatment of a single disease, for example, the results of surgical treatment of epilepsy.

Goals and tasks

The goal is to train qualified personnel in the field of neurosurgery for the Russian Federation and foreign countries.


  1. Training of personnel for the Russian Federation in residency programs in the specialty 31.08.56 "Neurosurgery", programs for the training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in graduate school) in the direction of 31.06.01 "Clinical Medicine", focus 14.01.18 (3.1.10) "Neurosurgery ”, for additional professional programs (training programs) in neurosurgery.
  2. Training of qualified skilled domestic and foreign neurosurgions. 
  3. Implementation and development of international cooperation in the field of neurosurgical education, using the potential of international professional communities (ASNS, WFNS, etc.), with the development and improvement of new forms of organizational forms (international practical training in the educational laboratory of the institute, regular international online educational events, practice of international exchange of trainees, international outreach educational events).
  4. Implementation and improvement of international scientific cooperation (with the conclusion of agreements with the leading specialized universities of the world, with the formation of international scientific grants and laboratories).
  5. Creation of collaborations with industrial partners for the development and implementation of domestic innovative high-tech equipment for neurosurgery.
Scope of application of results

The results will be applied in the field of neurosurgery.