Graduated from Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute with honors (now – Ural State Medical University).

1967 - 1969

Specialized in anesthesiology and resuscitation at the faculty of advanced medicine of Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute.

1960 - 1973

Medical orderly, nurse man, anesthesiologist-resuscitator, and then-head of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation of Sverdlovsk city clinical hospital No. 1. 


Defended the thesis on "Polarographic determination of oxygen tension in tissues in children with chronic non-specific inflammatory lung diseases in anesthesiological practice" for the degree of Candidate of Medicine.

1973 - 1980

Doctor of the operating and anesthesiological department of hospital No. 1 of Fourth Main Department of the Ministry of Health of the USSR (Moscow). 

1980 - 1986

Senior research associate of the scientific advisory department of the exhibition research center for maternal and child health of the Ministry of Health of the USSR.


Defended the doctoral thesis on "Mechanisms of anti-radiation action of hypoxic hypoxia and experimental and clinical justification of its use to weaken radiation damage in general and local irradiation of body" in specialty "Medical radiology".

1986 - 1988

Senior researcher of the laboratory of clinical problems of hypoxia of central order of Lenin of Institute of advanced training of doctors of the Ministry of Health of the USSR. 

1988 - 1993

Head of the department of clinical problems of hypoxia with the implementation group of the center for preventive hypoxia of the Ministry of Health of the USSR. 


Awarded the medal of honor "Liquidator of the consequences of Chernobyl nuclear power plant" for being in the medical unit of the NPP (Pripyat), the village of Zeleny Mys and the city of Slavutich in January 1987 and January 1990 for training personnel in the method of hypoxic protection from radiation exposure, installing equipment and monitoring the use of the method. 

1993 - present

Professor of Ecological faculty of RUDN.

1998 - present

Full member of Russian Academy of Ecology.

2000 - present

Full member of International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences.

2011 - present

Member of Scientific Advisory Board for Euro-Asian region of 4Life Research (USA). 


Chizhov A. Ya. was awarded the honorary title "Honored scientist of the Russian Federation" for his services in scientific activity, namely:

  • for the discovery of a previously unknown phenomenon-hypoxic biorhythm in the tissues of the myometrium and intrauterine fetus, aimed at increasing the resistance of the fetus to childbirth and the postnatal period of development;
  • for the development and implementation at the international level of the method of hypoxic stimulation of non-specific resistance of the body.


Chizhov A. Ya. gives a course of lectures to postgraduate students of RUDN:

  • “Modern Problems of Ecology”.

The author of course books and study guides:

  • Chizhov Alexey Yaroslavovich
    Modern problems of human ecological pathology: course book -Moscow: RUDN, 2008. - 611 p.
    The course-book considers the problems of modern medical ecology. The first section is devoted to the diseases of civilization. The second section is devoted to the issue of ecological conditionality of human diseases-the interrelation of most diseases with adverse environmental conditions. The third one is devoted to ecological and physiological mechanisms of adaptation, disadaptation, dysregulation and stress. The book reflects the issues of creating a unified system for monitoring the health of the Russian population. It is designed for students, postgraduates and specialists studying environmental issues. The course -book is made within the framework of the innovative educational program of Peoples' Friendship  University of Russia , the direction" Complex of export-oriented innovative educational programs on priority areas of science and technology", and is the part of the educational and methodological complex, which includes a course description, program and electronic course-book.


  • Chizhov A. Ya.  developed the world's first method of prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and protection from ionizing radiation using a gas mixture with a reduced oxygen content. The method in practice has become known as "mountain air". Due to the lack of oxygen in the human body, reserve protective mechanisms are triggered, which are characteristic of the fetus in the womb and newborns up to a year old. The mother supplies her unborn child with oxygen in intermittent mode and when the "oxygen tap" is closed, the fetus finds itself in a situation similar to the conditions at an altitude of 5800 meters above the ground, where the oxygen concentration is reduced by 2 times. The method is used in more than 150 cities in Russia and 45 countries, including Japan, the United States, England, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Germany, and Colombia.
  • Chizhov A. Ya.  is the author of a number of copyright certificates and patents related to various applications of "mountain air", including:
  • Chizhov A. Ya. investigates the possibility of influencing the aging process of the natural immunomodulator "transfer factor". This immunotropic drug is obtained from cow colostrum and is used for diseases with immunodeficiency that are not directly related to the aging process. The possibility of using this drug as a geroprotector is associated with the theory of regulating the growth of somatic tissues by special subpopulations of T-lymphocytes and with the idea that this mechanism is central to the aging of the entire body and many tissues. The conducted complex of scientific experimental and clinical studies, together with the National gerontological center of the Russian Federation, allowed to obtain three patents for a method of rejuvenation of the body and for a method of reducing biological age:
  • The author's team under the leadership of A. Ya. Chizhov is working on the creation of the first domestic hardware and software complex for non-invasive assessment of the kinetics of oxygen metabolism by body tissues.

Scientific interests

  • Medical ecology, ecological medicine.
  • The development of effective non-drug methods for increasing the non-specific resistance of the human body to adverse environmental factors to reduce the risk of developing environmentally-related pathology.
  • Targeted control of the body's reactivity and resistance mechanisms.
Radiation is recognized risk factor for childhood leukemia. The impact of tobacco smoke and traffic-related pollutants on risk of leukemia development in children is discussed. To study relationship between solar activity, wood smoke and risk of leukemia in children is very important for understanding the situation in a specific area, as well as for acquiring new knowledge of causes of this type of hemoblastoses. The paper presents system analysis of effects of exposure to solar radiation and wood smoke on risk for leukemia development in young children at 0-4 years, resided in the Khabarovsk region. Authors studied more accurate information on leukemia incidence among chil-dren at 0-4 years, born from 1972 to 1988. To study effects of solar activity and amount of wildfires in 1-2-3 years before and after the birth of the children on leukemia rate in the cohort under study multivariate analysis was used. Linear relationship between leukemia rate and amount of wildfires 2 years before the birth of the children (r=0.465; p=0.060) and solar activity in 3 years after the birth (r=0.567; p=0.018) was found. Using multivariate analysis, we found positive multiple correlation (R=0.614; F(2.14)=4.236; p&lq;0.036) between the amount of wildfires, solar activity and leukemia rate 2 years before and 3 years after the birth of the subjects under study. Results of the analysis confirmed published information on leukemogenic potency of the woodsmoke in the prenatal ontogenesis, the results allowed the authors to specify timeframe of the dangerous period. The authors suggested that detected linear relationship between solar activity and leukemia rate among young children at 0-4 years was associated with effects of solar activity on the intensity of magnetic fields, risk factors for leukemia. Wild fires affected the intensity of magnetic fields, as well as caused emission of natural radionuclides from the soil to the atmosphere; radioactive pollutants are risk factors cancer. To reduce the risk for childhood leukemia future parents should begin taking vitamins 1-2 years before the planned conception, mothers should take vitamins during pregnancy and lactation. Prolong breast feeding and taking transfer factor for immune recovery.