Elena Bogomolova
Doctor of Economics, Professor
Head of Evening Department of Hotel Business and Tourism Institute RUDN University,

A good scientific theory is the foundation for the study, and an evaluation of empirical data and analytical material verify its strength and reliability.


Graduated from Tomsk State University named after V. V. Kuibyshev, Faculty of Economics, specialty “Planning of industry”.


Economist of Tomsk Electromechanical plant.


Lecturer of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, the General technical branch of the Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute.


Head of the Department of economic analysis and development in the research and production company “Felicia”.


Associate professor, since 2000 - head of the Department of Economics and Enterprise Management (tourism and hotel management) of the Maikop State Technological University.


Candidate thesis on “Organizational and economic bases of development of recreational infrastructure of the region” (St. Petersburg Academy Engineering and Economic) was defended.


Honorary diploma of the State Council - Khase of the Republic of Adygeya.


Doctoral thesis on “Theoretical and methodological bases of management of development of tourist and recreational complex of the region” (St. Petersburg State University) was defended. 

2017 - present

Head of the master's program, direction of training 43.04.02 “Tourism”, head of the Evening Department of Hotel Business and Tourism Institute RUDN University.


Honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was awarded.


Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation.


Bogomolova E. S. gives lectures to students of the directions “Tourism”, “Service”, “Hotel Business” courses:

  • “Economics”,
  • “Economy in Hotel Business“.

The author of the following study guides:

  • Hospitality industry. Study guide. Classified by EMA / E. S. Bogomolova, N. G. Shapovalova. - Maykop: MSTU, 2009, 248 p. General information about the modern hotel as the main means of accommodation of the hospitality industry, organizational basis of service in hotels and similar accommodation facilities, interaction of the hotel with partners and consumers, definitive characteristics of the sanatorium and resort complex and its organization as objects of recreational interest, content of resource support and personnel management of enterprises of the hospitality industry are presented in this study guide. The study guide is compiled in accordance with the program of discipline “Bases of service technology in hotels and resorts” specialty 080502 “Economy and management of tourism” and is intended for researchers, students and professionals interested in the hotel business. LBC 65.9 (2) 441 ISBN 978-5-88941-048-5.
  • Economy of tourism industry. Study guide. Classified by EMA / E. I. Bogdanov, E. S. Bogomolova, V. P. Orlovskaya - M.: SIC INFRA-M, 2019, 318 p. The study guide reveals the essence of tourism as one of the most important areas of the economy, as well as the method of knowledge of the individual cultural, natural resources created by nature and man. Such important categories as demand and motivation in tourism are analyzed. The features of the tourist destination - the main element of the tourist system, as well as the basic concepts of tourism are considered. Particular attention is paid to the tourist and recreational complex as the most important direction of improving the management system of the tourism economy. For students of the direction 38.03.01 “Economics”, also for the direction 43.03.02 “Tourism” (bachelor’s and master’s programs). LBC 65.433я73 ISBN 978-5-16-004712-6.
  • Planning of hotel activities (Study guide) / E. S. Bogomolova - Maikop: MGTU publishing house, 2013. – 168 p. The basics of hotel planning, features of the property complex and of the organization of hotel enterprises planning are analyzed. Current state of the infrastructure of the hotel enterprise, as well as requirements for engineering and technical equipment of the hotel are described. Special attention is paid to the issues of documentation support of project activities, planning organization of the residential floor and room fund, recreation area and support services of the hotel enterprise. The study guide is compiled in accordance with the program of discipline “Planning of hotel activities” direction 101100 “Hotel business”. LBC 640.41 ISBN 978-5-91692-192-2.
  • Detection and analysis of the enterprise activity (study guide) / E. S. Bogomolova, N. N. Galinskaya, N. D. Shapovalova. - Maikop: Publishing house Kucherenko V. O., 2016. - 205 p. Theoretical principles and fundamentals of the methodology of analysis and detection, questions, test items on the topics of the discipline “Diagnosis and analysis of the transport enterprise” are presented. Considered practical examples allow us to learn the methodology of analysis and detection of the use of resources, assets and potential of the road transport enterprise. This study guide is intended for students of direction 23.03.01 “Technology of transport processes” (section “Organization of transportation by road”), for professors, managers and specialists interested in the analysis and detection of the enterprise activity. LBC 959(2)26 ISBN 978-5-906696-63-2.


  • Methodological provisions of management of enterprises of tourist and recreational complex (TRC) with regard to its functional subsystems were developed;
  • Complexing characteristics of TRC and the classification of forms and types of integration of enterprises of TRC were made;
  • Methodical principles of optimization of management of tourist and recreational trade, given unit costs and methods of compilation and optimization model for the differentiation of recreational services tourism-recreational complex were developed;
  • Methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the TRC, with regard to taking the total economic effect and the full amount of costs for the provision of tourist and recreational services of the complex was developed;
  • Methodical provision of modeling of complex development of regional TRC on the basis of growth rates of volume of the provided services by the enterprises of the complex was developed;
  • Business program for the development of the TRC of the Republic of Adygea was developed;
  • Conceptual provisions of the strategic management of the TRC of Krasnodar region on the basis of social standards of consumption of tourist and recreational services were developed.

Scientific interests

  • Organization and management of tourist and recreational complex development.
  • Methodological assessment of the effectiveness of the tourist and recreational complex.
  • Optimization of use of economic resources of the enterprises of hotel and tourist business in modern conditions.
  • Strategic planning of the economic potential of the health resort complex (HRC).
  • Methods of complex economic analysis.
  • Economic potential of TRC, HRC tourist destination.