Information about the defended postgraduate students

Ayush Ogtorguimaa
Country: Mongolia
Year of protection: 2017
Research topic: Transformation of the image of Mongolia in the soviet and Russian mediatexts
Annotation to the dissertation: This dissertation research considers the main stages in the formation of the media image of Mongolia in Russia from the establishment of the Russian-Mongolian relations to the present (1921-2016), as well as features of media materials concerning Mongolia in the Russian media from the point of view of intercultural discourse. The author analyzes the tendency in the formation and development of Russian-Mongolian relations and their coverage in media in terms of political and intercultural communication. The author also studies the main directions of Russia's information policy regarding geopolitical relations with the People’s Republic of Mongolia (PRM); revealed features of broadcasting information about Mongolia in Russian print media; and determined the features of language and style, as well as genre forms of information materials of the Russian Federation media about Mongolia. As the result, the author comes to conclusion that it is important to activate media instruments of interaction between Russia and Mongolia in the present time, utilizing information and communication technologies in the aspect of international cooperation, formulating a strategy of friendly relations of the country with developed countries, very firstly with Russia.

Nafaa Dorar
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: The dynamics and peculiarities of the media coverage of the syrian conflict by the BBC, CNN, AL-JAZEERA TV channels
Annotation to the dissertation: This thesis is focused on the peculiarities of the media coverage of the Syrian conflict by the BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera TV channels. Particular attention is paid to the general principles of journalistic deontology and the peculiarities of their practical implementation in the process of coverage of armed conflicts, and estimating of the editorial policies of the BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera news channels from the aspect of professional ethics.

Irina Dobrovolskaya
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2015
Research topic: The brand of the Bolshoi theatre in the global information space
Annotation to the dissertation: The results of the PhD research are dedicated to the specifics of formation of brands in arts in the information space on the example of the brand of the Bolshoi theatre. The study reveals the concept of ‘cultural brands’, defines the role of information support in their formation. Theoretical aspects of the concept of ‘information space’ are scrutinized, the characteristics of Russian and foreign information space in the generic context of arts as well as in the context of theatrical sphere is given. The history of evolution of the Bolshoi theatre as a brand during the 1917-2015 period is investigated. Publications in the Russian and foreign mass and social media on the opening of the historical stage of the Bolshoi Theatre from the actual, thematic, stylistic and compositional perspectives are analyzed. From the established and investigated issues of positioning of the brand of the Bolshoi theatre, appropriate tactical suggestions and propositions on their obviation are proposed.