Madina Azova
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Associate professor,

Information about the defended postgraduate students

Ait Aissa Amira
Country: Algeria
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Genetic aspects of the predisposition to cardiovascular diseases in populations of Arab countries
Annotation to the dissertation: The frequency of polymorphisms associated with cardiovascular diseases was investigated among the populations of Algeria and Syria in comparison with Russians from Central Russia. We analyzed the frequency of the ACE I/D, AGT T174M, AGT M235T, AGTR1 A1166C, EDN1 Lys198Asn, EDNRA H323H, and ITGB3 Pro33Leu polymorphisms in 165 volunteers from Algeria, Syria and Central Russia. It was found that the frequency of the studied alleles and genotypes for genes of the RAAS, the endothelin system and integrin beta-3 has ethnic peculiarity. Therefore the study of the genetic basis of cardiovascular diseases should be carried out taking into consideration the ethnicity of patients.