Natalya Gegelova
D.Sc. (Philology)
Associate Professor,
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Information about the defended postgraduate students

Valeria Ilyicheva
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2015
Research topic: Inaugural speech as a tool for the formation of political image in the context of Russian rhetorical tradition
Annotation to the dissertation: The present thesis is devoted to research of substantial and composite and stylistic features of an inaugural speech as special genre of the Russian of political solemn eloquence in aspect of its opportunities as the instrument of formation of political image. The inaugural speech is investigated in the context of the Russian rhetorical tradition that allows to track continuity in formation of speech genres of solemn eloquence in Russia, since the most ancient times. In work the analysis of the contents, composition and style of inaugural speeches of Russian Presidents in the context of the Russian apodictically tradition from the point of view of formation and functioning of political image of the state and its leader is for the first time carried out. As a result of research the author proves that the inaugural speech as the actual subject of a political discourse and a ritual genre of modern solemn eloquence carries out an important task of impact on audience and is the unique instrument of formation of political image of the country and its political leader - the president..

Svetlana Grigoryan
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Modern Russia’s media image on domestic TV
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation investigation is devoted to the studying of signs and particulars of forming TV media image of Russia on domestic TV. While working in the aspect of their influence to forming of country image in international area, the modern media image of Russia is examined together with genre and speech specifics of TV programs. This enables us to find out such components of media image as fact, chronotop, idea and dialogue. The Author is analyses the content aspect and language characteristics of Russia’s media image in certain information, analytics and publicist TV genres. As a result of thisinvestigations the author comes to the conclusion that in present conditions the meter concerning creating of internal media image is actual to foundation of positive image of country itself. However the factual component of media image is contradictory and defective as the present TV does not fully contribute into it positive perception.

Wang Yue
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: The specifics, problems and development prospects of Chinese videoportals in international communication
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis is devoted to scientific understanding of the Chinese videoportals significance in international communication. Researching the significance of China's international communication in the modern world as a means of promoting a positive image of the country, the author determines that the most influential foreign national media (News agency "Xinhua", China Radio International, China Central Television) occupy an important place in this process. Analyzing Chinese videoportals, the history of their emergence and development, modern position and structural features of the online-video segment, the author finds out the significance of China's Internet broadcasting in international communications generally and the characteristics of the thematic trends and videocontent style for the foreign audience. Researching the three international videoportals of China Central Television (CCTV-4 International Chinese, CCTV-9 Documentary and CCTV-Russian) and the most popular Chinese videohosting Youku in the context of promoting a positive image of the country, the author has determined the main problems and prospects for the development of Chinese videoportals in the international communication.