Romian Shamin
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Themes of scientific research

Mathematical modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning, mathematical processing of technological and design solutions in order to obtain effective managerial and economic results in the creation of products. The use of Big Data in the economy, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, solving economic problems with the use of a mathematical apparatus.

Information about the defended postgraduate students

Aleksandr Yudin
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2013
Research topic: Characteristics of abnormally large surface waves in the ocean based on computational experiments
The direction of science: Oceanology
Specialization: Wave processes in the ocean
Annotation to the dissertation: Anomalously large surface waves, called killer waves, are sudden single waves with an amplitude more than 2 times greater than a significant wave height. The sudden occurrence of abnormally large waves in the ocean determines the serious danger they pose to sea vessels and structures. Within the framework of the nonlinear theory, anomalously large waves were considered as a result of modulation instability.