Information about the defended postgraduate students

Ekaterina Kornakova
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2017
Research topic: Linguistic representation of the concept CITIZENSHIP in the poetic works of E.A. Evtushenko
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis deals with the analysis of the peculiarities of the concept CITIZENSHIP linguistic representation in the works of E. A. Evtushenko, the Russian poet of the 60s. The E. A. Evtushenko’s concept of CITIZENSHIP became the subject of a comprehensive study for the first time within the dissertation. It is the first attempt to consider the artistic concept of CITIZENSHIP, and the structure of this concept is also being described for the first time. Previously the concept of CITIZENSHIP has not been investigated in the aspect of artistic, creative view of the world of the poet. The results of the study can be used in the field of cognitive linguistics and linguistic analysis of a literary text for the reconstruction of the linguistic personality of E. A. Evtushenko, as well as in the educational process of students-philologists and linguists.

Kang Jungho
Country: Republic of Korea
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Lexicographical characteristics and semantic field of perception verbs in contemporary russian language
Annotation to the dissertation: The dissertation is devoted to analysis of the role, significance of perception from the point of view of an interdisciplinary approach. It studies the psychophysiological approach which is based on the main positions and psychophysiological theories of the perception processes according to its significant role in the psychical human activity in addition to the philosophy of perception nature and traditional and contemporary views on it. Perception remains one of the most interesting issues for philosophers, philosophical doctrines and schools. The author looks into the main ideas which is the linguistic approach to the research of the problem of perception is based on. The author sites both theoretical and practical data on which substantiates the possibility and expediency of presenting the bug number of lexical units as a semantic field. The study also reflects the semantic characteristics of perception in verbs by main Russian language dictionaries. The dissertatione examines main characteristics of definitions of Russian verbs with perception semantics, the author sites and research a number of verbs and its nominations in the dictionaries to find similarities and differencies between word definitions. The materials and conclusions of the dissertation may be used in the courses in lexicology, in the field of theoretical and applied lexicography.

Barro Makhamadu
Country: Mali
Year of protection: 2014
Research topic: Morphonological alternations in russian and french (on the basis of a noun study)
Annotation to the dissertation: The dissertation research presents the description of the alternation series in Russian as a noun inflection, which possess both consonant and vocalic alternations, as well as those with the basics incremental truncation in both types. In the Russian language there dominate consonant alternation. In the French language there’s considered a noun inflection (e.g., plural forms) and noun derivation (e.g., the formation of feminine nouns and noun derivatives from verbs, adjectives and other nouns). So, vocalic morphonological alternations prevail in French. The comparative research of morphonological alternations in Russian and French be applied in the preparation of training materials in the study of Russian and French native or foreign.