Zhanna Puzanova
Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Doctor of Sociological Sciences
Professor, Head of the Sociological Laboratory, department of Sociology

“You can’t wait forever for the right moment - create it”


Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology of Lomonosov Moscow State University.


Started working at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (now RUDN University) as a lecturer of disciplines in the methodology and methods of sociological research cycle.

1993 - present

Head of the laboratory of sociological and focus group studies at RUDN University.


Thesis on “Loneliness and communication (philosophical and sociological aspect)” for the degree of Candidate of Philosophical Sciences was defended.

2001 - present

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of JOURNAL of SOCIOLOGY.


Thesis on “The sociological dimension of loneliness” for the degree of Doctor of Sociological Sciences was defended.

2010 - present

Member of the Dissertation Council at RUDN and member of the Dissertation Council at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in the field “Sociological sciences”.


The title of Professor at the Department of Sociology was awarded.

2013 - present

Member of the expert council on Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.


Honorary diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for many years of fruitful work on the development and improvement of the educational process, significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists was awarded.


Pitirim Sorokin silver medal “For contribution to science” was awarded.

2015 - present

Member of the Expert Advisory Council of Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM), provides expert support to the center’s projects: assessment, consultations, closed events.

2015 - present

Expert of the annual competition of theses for the award of Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM).


  1. Reads to RUDN students of bachelor’s and master’s studies in the direction “Sociology” the following courses:
    • “Sociology of management and social management”;
    • “Theory, methodology and methods of sociology: history and modernity”;
    • “History of empirical sociology”;
    • “Modern methods of sociological research”;
    • “Methodology and methods of sociological research”;
    • “Measurement in sociological research”;
    • “Analysis of sociological data”;
    • “Management consulting”.
  2. Conducts research seminars for master’s and postgraduate students in the   direction “Sociological sciences”.


  • She showed how it is possible to study the problems of loneliness in sociology, using psychosemantic methods and methods of working with weakly structured data. A well-known Russian specialist in the study of the phenomenon of loneliness, which can be considered as an indicator of the state of modern society, reflecting such social manifestations as the weakening of social ties, the crisis of communication, psychological problems and many others.
  • Specializes in the use of logical-combinatorial methods for analyzing empirical data obtained by the method of "vignettes" – short stories or scenarios describing certain characteristics or situations to which the respondent should express their reaction, as well as technologies for analyzing nonverbal responses of respondents in sociological research. The analysis of these methods was carried out in order to improve the quality of tools in sociological surveys.
  • Developed a methodology for monitoring the effectiveness of inclusive education in Russia, as well as mechanisms for managing, updating the structure and content of the activities of educational organizations that carry out educational activities for children with disabilities (HIA).
  • Developed a scientific methodology for countering terrorism and extremism, which is used in the practice of managing higher educational organizations. The methodology consists of recommendations for the implementation and application of the developed principles and techniques for preventing manifestations of terrorism and extremism among children and young people in the educational environment.
  • Conducted with colleagues a comprehensive sociological study of the value of health and a healthy lifestyle among students on the example of students of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. The study allowed us to identify the factors that influence the formation of health-saving behavior, describe the stereotypes of young people in the field of health, and identify strategies for health-saving behavior.

Scientific interests

  • Methodology of sociological research
  • Modern sociological methods
  • Sociology of loneliness
  • Psychosemantics in sociology
  • Projective methods
  • Applied aspects of the analysis of nonverbal reactions in sociology
  • Sociology of management
The problem of adaptation of physically disabled people is timely for the Russian society at large, especially it is particularly important in the sphere of education and professional training. Article brings up to speed on the main points of the Russian regulations on the organization of training process of children with disabilities. Key data of monitoring among heads of governing bodies on all territorial subjects of the Russian Federation on problems of implementation of the federal educational standard are provided. By the way, according to the obtained data, in general across Russia there are 39008 educational institutions, 1498 from them are correctional. With regard to quantity of inclusive classes, most of them are at the elementary level of education. Estimation on several blocks of problems is given, among them: legal and regulatory and financial provision; material equipment; staffing; providing contingent of the educational organizations; information support.
The attitude towards disabled people and to disability is one of the most important indicators of the maturity of society and development of human rights. In the late seventies of the 20th century Europe comes to the historical stage, when attempts of integration of disabled people into normal public life, with full recognition of their civil rights, that fully coincide with the rights of citizens without disabilities, are made. Russia is now only on the way of transition to the fifth stage, when the biopsychosocial model predominates, according to which the position of disabled people in society is defined, first of all, by perception of them by other people. In the modern world, increasingly more attention is paid to the public opinion, measured by different means, including by means of tools of sociological polls. Results of referendums in Crimea (joining Russia) and Great Britain (Brexit) show the fact, that public opinion becomes the instrument of influence on policy. It means, that for changing social policy it is necessary to work with public opinion, public consciousness and to change social stereotypes, social representations. So, the review of the main projects directed to full acceptance of disabled people by society, which are implemented in Russia now, is given. One of the purposes of the article is the representation of the generalized image of disabled people in the Russian society and perceptions of disability by people without disabilities. It is based on the largest centers of studying public opinion researches results, content analysis of mass culture in the form of cinema industry production, and also its comparison to the European and American cinema products. According to the results, there is a serious request for this perspective in the media discourse of Russia, but only during the past 2 years the volume of cinematography and its consumption has approached the volume of consumption of the European and American cinema production. At the same time, the perception of disability is a serious problem, which requires the solution at the most important stages of socialization of disabled people – at school, at university. Nowadays in Russia there is a special federal educational standard, the results of its approbation are provided. Also on the example of one of the largest higher educational institutions of Russia, the experience of adaptation and perception of disabled students in the educational environment is shown. So, only one of ten students isn’t ready to accept the disabled person as the full member of society.
The understanding of individual freedom and its realization in modern Russia is based on the Constitution, but is not limited to it. Public opinion, social norms affect people’s perceptions of dos and don’ts. Under the frame of empirical research, conducted in September 2016 at RUDN University (Moscow), Russian students were interviewed in order to determine their view of life about processes taking place in the modern Russian society in the context of individual liberty. Thus, the implementation of the individual liberty is considered in such areas: personal, socio-civic, informational, professional. The question of individual liberty includes abortion, attitude toward children, marriage (the prevalence of non-traditional forms of marriage), euthanasia, body, people with HIA, representatives of different religious confessions. Socio-civic area is presented with political opinions, issues related to cloning, the death penalty, freedom of speech. Information sphere is comprised of data related to privacy and wiretapping. Professional sphere includes professional self-determination and self-actualization in the profession and sexual harassment. According to the research 43% of the students subscribe to liberal views. It is close to European views, providing freedom in the decision about abortion, supporting the positions of child-free and homosexual marriages, euthanasia’s legalizing, tolerant attitude to any self-expression through a conspicuous appearance, denying breach of freedom of information, even for the sake of safety, comprehensive (even aggressive) support for women’s rights in the professional sphere. Only 10% - conservative (traditional Russian views, opposite to the listed above) and the remaining 47% express their views, which can’t be unambiguously characterized as conservative or liberal.

Information about the defended postgraduate students

Konstantinova A. V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2017
Research topic: Universities in Higher Education: Strategies and Development Prospects in Modern Russia
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis is devoted to the research of universities and their role in the development of education, science and society. On the basis of concepts of the classics of sociology the author analyzes universities as key elements of the educational system, the features of their structures and the changing of their missions and functions depending on social conditions and their own aspirations for freedom of university activity. Based on the application of the factor analysis method to study the competitiveness of Russian universities, the author identifies their typology, presents a tool for determining integrated indicators of universities’ development and proposes recommendations for improving strategic management and planning in Russian universities.

Tertyshnikova A.G.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2016
Research topic: Using projective techniques in the study of social representations: methodological approaches and methodic solutions
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation research is devoted to studying social representations through a series of projective techniques. The present work deals with the theoretical approaches to the study of social representations. The features and applications of projective techniques for the study of social representations were analyzed. Social representations of a particular phenomenon based on a series of empirical studies by different methods were formed. Along with the widely used and well-known methods for researchers it has been demonstrated how to use rear explored sociological method to investigate social representations – vignette method.

Polyanova L. M.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2015
Research topic: Influence of level of emotional intelligence head on the effectiveness of management activities
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis is based on the systematization of approaches to management activities on the one hand, and a comprehensive analysis of the theories and concepts of emotional intelligence on the other, conducted an empirical study, the aim of which was to identify patterns of influence the level of emotional intelligence head on objective parameters of productive management. A correlation between an individual measure of emotional intelligence and effective parameters of management was revealed and experimentally confirmed As a result the new opportunities appeared for researching. It is necessary to organize existing data about researching of emotional intelligence, in connection with the theoretical and practical importance as a possible determinant of success in interpersonal communication in the organization, as well as the formation of organizational culture.

Larina T.I.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2015
Research topic: Improvement of quality sociological questionnaire on the basis of analysis respondents` nonverbal reactions
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation research is devoted to the quality of sociological tools for mass surveys and the development of technology analysis respondents` non-verbal reactions, which is aimes at improving the quality of sociological tools. In this work highlights problem of determining the quality of sociological tools with an emphasis on mass surveys. It also analyzes non-verbal aspects of communication and the possibility of using non-verbal information in sociology, namely during piloting of the questionnaire in mass surveys. On the basis of the series of methodological experiments was confirmed the hypothesis about the possibility of fixing the non-verbal respondents' reactions when working with the sociological questionnaire for mass surveys in the pilot study. Developed the technology of the analysis respondents` non-verbal reactions, which can be used not only for determining the quality of tools for mass surveys, but during Focus -Group research and interviews.

Bochkareva A. V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2014
Research topic: Ethnic Stereotypes: Basic Methodological Approaches to Study and Features of Psyсhosemantic Methods Application
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation research is devoted to the analysis of features and prospects of psychosemantic methods in the ethnic stereotypes study. The main theoretical approaches to the definition of "stereotyping", "ethnic stereotype" were considered. Possibilities of psychosemantic methods applying in the empirical study of ethnic stereotypes are analyzed. Effectiveness of individual psychosemantic field construction for applying psychosemantic methods dor ethnic stereotypes study on the basis of carried-out empirical studies is considered. The thesis focuses on semantic differential and multiple identifications methods.

Khurtina V. V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2014
Research topic: Determinants of Russian Physicians’ Organizational Behavior: Features of Formation and Modification
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis is devoted to the analysis of organizational behavior (OB) of physicians as a professional group. There are theoretical and methodological foundations of exploration of the physicians as a professional group within the paper. Organizational behavior concepts are considered as а relevant strategy for researching of the physicians. The author displays the social determinants system, which define the physicians’ organizational behavior. The research of the physicians as a professional group is carried out with an accent on the determinants of group and organizational levels. Also, the state health care system reform is treated as a significant determinant of organizational behavior on the external level. As a result of research the author gets the empirical evidence of OB determinants’ impact on formation and modification of the professional conduct of the physicians.

Zhuravleva V.А.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2013
Research topic: Expert estimation of the solution of cognitive tasks knowledge societies: theoretical and methodological principles
Annotation to the dissertation: Dissertation research is devoted to the analysis of specifics of application of a method of expert estimation in the societies, the neopredelennostny systems which were characterized by existence. In the real work the main methodological features of a method of expert estimation from a position of the one who should be understood as «expert» were considered. The main approaches to definition of the categories «expert» and «expert assessment» with use of the principles of three methodologies are analysed: classical, nonclassical and post-nonclassical. The analysis of was given that the method of expert estimation can become one of the most effective methods when overcoming of «cognitive failures by which modern society of knowledge is characterized. Also the main forms of manifestation of cognitive failures were considered. On the basis of the carried-out theoretical analysis and the conducted empirical research the hypothesis of efficiency of application of a method of expert estimation for the solution of questions (cognitive failures) which arise in modern society of knowledge is confirmed.

Vdovina T. V./strong>
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2012
Research topic: Discourse Analysis in Sociology: Theoretical Foundations and Prospects of Use in Multimodal Studies
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis deals with discourse-analysis as theoretical and methodological approach to the analysis of multimodal texts in the sociological research. The paper presents theoretical and methodological foundations of multimodal studies in sociology, as well as the concept of representative culture which finds its’ embodiment in multimodal texts. It also analyzes basic theories of representation. The author substantiates relevance of discourse-analysis for study of multimodal texts in sociology, systematizes main approaches to multimodal discourse analysis, and features research strategies. The thesis analyzes capabilities and limitations of multimodal discourse analysis, showing the main prospects of its’ use in sociological research, given the peculiarities of multimodal discourse analysis identified through own empirical research.

Gudzenko E. М.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2012
Research topic: Organizational culture of international organization: ethnometric approach to the study (the case of the American non-profit foundation in Russia)
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis is devoted to the study of salient features of formation of organizational culture in international organization. In the context of this work organizational culture is examined as a symbolic tool that individuals consciously or unconsciously use to organize their own activities; the features of crosscultural management in modern organizations are examined, as well as factors that influence on the formation of the organizational culture of an international organization. The cognitive possibilities of ethnometrical approach in the study of organizational culture are considered. The features of using G.Hofstede’s method of empirical sociological research, including qualitative case studies of organizational culture of the international organization were also analyzed. Based on a theoretical analysis and conducted empirical research the conclusion of the impact of national cultural factors on the formation of organizational culture in an international organization has been made.

Tkach V. P.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2012
Research topic: Сolor test of relations in sociological research of children: methodological study and application features
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis examines the peculiarities of color test methodology in sociological research of children. The specificity of children as a group of respondents has been defined in this study and the analysis of the methods used in sociological studies of children has been carried out. The thesis substantiates the use of these techniques in practice and the main problems arising in this area before the sociologists. Also the cognitive capabilities and the peculiarities of the application of projective techniques in the sociology of childhood have been analyzed. The peculiarities of the use of color test of relations created by E.F. Bazhin and A.M. Etkind in sociological studies of children have been examined. Based on a theoretical analysis and empirical research the hypothesis of a high efficiency of the color test for the study of social attitudes, norms and values of preschool and early school age has been confirmed.

Ermizina E.V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2010
Research topic: Social diagnostics as a management tool for the socially responsible television (study of the TV programming for children)
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis examines the social responsibility of modern television as the most influential media. This work proves that the socially oriented management of the communication processes within the eco-anthropocentric paradigm conforms to the main goals of the socially responsible media. It also substantiates the use of the social diagnostic technologies (developed as a part of the semisociopsychological concept) for the management of the socially responsible television today. The specifics of understanding and interpretation of the television programs for the children have been examined. The empirical research employing goaloriented analysis has been conducted. The necessity of the construction of modern communicative environment for the development of the children's communication skills has been demonstrated. The research offers recommendations to the television networks for the management of the socially responsible modern Russian television programming.

Gvozdareva M.V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2006
Research topic: Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution technique in corporative conflicts
Annotation to the dissertation: The adequacy of using the mediation in resolution of corporative conflicts was confirmed at the example of the self regulation organozations.

Maznyak I.O.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2006
Research topic: Specific investigation of work motivation of the enterprises personnel in modern Russia
Annotation to the dissertation: The thesis deals with work motivation of the enterprises personnel in modern Russia with specific aspects of investigation of the motivation aimed at systematic influencing it.

Trotsuk I.V.
Country: Russia
Year of protection: 2005
Research topic: Narrative analysis in sociology: possibilities of practical use
Annotation to the dissertation: According to the analysis of wide interdisciplinary theory and practice of narrative the position of this concept in the qualitative sociological approach on the empirical level of analysis was determined.