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Damir Shafigulin


Agrarian and Technological Institute

Soya is one of the most ancient cultivated plants. The cultivation of soya was mentioned in the early Chinese literature (3000-4000 BC). Nowadays, different products, from dairy products to meat, are made from this plant. Such products are rich in amino acids, vitamins and microelements, which are essential for growth and strengthening of the body. Soya looks like pea and doesn't have intense flavour – it acquires the flavour of a product with which it has been prepared.

Damir Shafigulin, a post graduate student of an Agro-Technological Institute of RUDN University, decided to do innovative business. He wanted to produce soya-based organic high-protein dairy products without GMO, modified their composition and added only natural ingredients.

The student shared his idea with the university and got the support. RUDN University gave him premises and university’s professors took part in the development of Damir’s project. Japan specialists, who distribute natural food ingredients for healthy nutrition, also found this project very interesting. Their company gave him samples of soy for cultivation and further usage.

Now Damir is working on the technology of production of soy cocktails and soy cereals, he is going to receive a patent in the future. For the development of technology of getting products from soy beans, one must first study the biochemical composition of a soy bean. It is done in the laboratory by using appliances with the addition of various reagents.

Then there is a need to optimize the technology of desired product, using different methods. Afterwards Damir examines organoleptic characteristics of the finished products (taste, smell, colour). Subsequently the products are observed for a few days in order to examine their properties during storage.

«I decided to do this, because it’s very interesting for me and important for Russia. I want to increase the number of healthy products and people in the country».

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