Quest “Water of Russia”

The purpose of the quest and the entire federal program "Water of Russia" is "to form thereasonable and responsible use of water among Russians".

The purpose of the quest and the entire federal program "Water of Russia" is "to form thereasonable and responsible use of water among Russians". 20 universities have developed recommendations to reduce water consumption, which already helps to save hundreds of cubic meters of water. RUDN students are in TOP-10 most active teams among 78 participating universities.

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Eco-campaign “Our student forest”

1/5 of the territory of RUDN campus is a "forest territory", which is kept clean and in good conditionby special services of the university. The campus is adjacent to the South-West Forest Park designed for urban recreation.

Every year after the snow falls, volunteers clean the forest park of garbagegenerated during the winter – the eco-campaign "Our Student Forest" appeared relatively recently, but already engage dozens of concerned campus residents.

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Earth Day

From March 20 to April 22 RUDN University holds environmental campaigns dedicated to the Earth Day. Eco-quizzes, presentation of environmental protection projects, photo exhibitions and flashmobs – students come up with new formats to attract attention to the problems of our planet.

For example, this year everyone was invited to the “Volunteer Cleanup” (a Russian version of the “Community Working Day”when residents cleanup the neighborhood together) held on campus and on the territory around the campus. Seeds of flowers, vegetables and lawn grass served as an invitation.

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Separate waste collection

Paper and cardboard are thrown to the trash bin with blue plates, glass – with green plates, metal – with red plates, plastic bottles – with yellow plates. Simple rules of separate waste collection became a part of the life of RUDN University through the project of the students of the Faculty of Ecology.

First, they put special containers and agreed upon garbage removal at their own faculty, then – at the Institute of Medicine, and then – at the Agrarian and Technological Institute... The project scope has grown up to university-wide scales. Waste separation is available for more than 8,000 students and employees. There is no such environment-oriented waste collection system in other universities in Russia.

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Free fair

About 8,000 people live on RUDN campus. In June many students and graduates go home for summer or to a new place. Many students faced the problem – where to put those things that stockpiled during the study: books, clothes, shoes, accessories, utensils, equipment...

The Campus Council and the Women's Committee found a solution – they came up with an idea of a campaign "Free Fair". Students can bring everything that can be reused. And guests can take these things for free.

The fair became traditional – it is held on penultimate Saturday of June and became a merry holiday with master classes, a concert, competitions. Those things that have not found their owners are sent either to orphanages or for recycling.

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