Mechanisms to ensure the concentration of resources on breakthrough directions, the rejection of inefficient activities

Mechanisms to ensure the concentration of resources on breakthrough directions, the rejection of inefficient activities

This strategic initiative is aimed at constant updating of the research agenda and the package of educational programs in accordance with global trends and the demand of the international market of scientific and educational services.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 2020:

  • The number of research and development projects implemented in cooperation with leading Russian and foreign scientists and/or high-tech companies, including the possibility of creating structural units at the University - 22;
  • The number of created centers for National Technological Initiative (NTI) (with a progressive result) - 3;
  • The number of publications in the Scopus database per research and educational worker (five full years) - 3.1;
  • The number of publications in the Scopus database per research and educational worker (three full years) - 2.4;
  • The number of publications in the database Web of Science per research and educational worker (for five years) - 2.3;
  • Number of publications in the Web of Science database per research and educational worker (three full years) - 2.0;
  • The average citation rate per research and educational worker, calculated on the total number of publications included in the Web of Science database - 3,2;
  • The average citation rate per research and educational worker, calculated from the total number of publications included in the Scopus database - 4.93;
  • The volume of research and development work per one research and educational worker - 405,00 thousand rubles.
Results for the period

Personalized drug therapy with the use of the tools of metabolomics and pharmaceutical technologies (supervisor - V. V. Chistyakov)

In the course of the research the methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of 158 metabolites - mediators of lipid metabolism by HPLC-MS/MS were worked out. The possibilities of quantitative determination of serum biomarkers of the inflammatory process were studied. Now it is possible to prevent the transition from acute inflammatory stage to chronic.

The search for markers of hypertension became an important aspect of the work. The aim of this study was to discover new specific biomarkers linked with the pathogenesis of hypertension by analyzing biomarkers of metabolomes.

Markers of different types of cancer is being searched now. The collection of biomaterial from cancer patients with two types of cancer was started: breast and colorectal and various severity of the disease (collected more than 70 samples), preparing a reference group to identify diagnostic markers of diseases.

The joint application for the RPF grant on the theme “Development of approaches to early diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors based on the study of the role of eicosanoids in the mechanisms of the relationship of chronic inflammation of adipose tissue and tumor progression” has to contribute to the continuation of the project.

The results of the study attracted the interest of colleagues at international (Metabolomics and System Biology, Tokyo, Japan, 2018; Phytopharm 2018, Horgen, Switzerland; Euromar-2018, Nantes, France) and Russian conferences and congresses.

Two practical achievements resulted from the work carried out for the industrial partners. An orphan drug has been developed, including instructions for use, a model of packaging, and a set of documents for clinical trials of orphan drug. In addition, an anti-tuberculosis tablet was created, including the full pharmacological development of the drug.

The project allowed to obtain a number of new results in the study of qualitative and quantitative composition of lipid exchange mediators by HPLC-MS/MS.  The results of the work suggest the inclusion in the educational process within special courses, lectures and master's programs.

Development of diagnostic methods of new generation (supervisor - Doctor of Biology, Professor A. V. Syroeshkina)

As a result of the project, a metrological complex that uses artificial intelligence to make a decision about the type of infectious agent, the authenticity of a drug or anther natural or artificial object was created.

A method for controlling the authenticity of mineral drinking water, including the determination of the specificity of the trace element profile, characterized in that after the study of the numerical and volumetric distribution of aluminosilicate particles of the dispersed phase, the microwave mineralization of water in the “Aqua Regia” with the addition of hydrofluoric acid, accompanied by the opening of aluminosilicate particles with subsequent assessment of the biological activity of water in terms of the Arrhenius kinetics of the death of Spirostomum ambiguum.

The invention can be used in medicine and the food industry to create state standard samples (SSS) of drinking mineral waters in the detection of counterfeit products and SSS waters as therapeutic and prophylactic agents used to maintain the homeostasis of the body and the treatment of metabolic pathologies associated with a violation of the microelement balance.

The study to determine the authenticity of medicines in terms of different deuterium content in water is included in the programs of courses on bioequivalence of medicines, quality control of medicines, pharmaceutical chemistry and environmental toxicology.

The results of the research were used in the educational process, in particular for lectures, seminars and practical classes, read within the discipline of the Institute of Medicine, Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry.

Molecular basis of mechanisms of development and possibility of targeted prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma (supervisor - Ogurtsov P. P.)

During the experiments, a statistically significant difference in the levels of plasma microRNA expression in different groups of patients (with chronic hepatitis C, healthy volunteers, persons with a stable virological response) was found. This allows us to consider microRNA as a potential signal of progression of chronic hepatitis C.

The results of the study can shed light on the possibility of development in weightlessness, radiation and other long-term effects of space flight factors - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Within the project “Molecular basis of mechanisms of development and the possibility of targeted prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma” the methods of isolation from biological fluids and tissues, reverse transcription, polymerase chain reaction to determine the level of microRNA expression in blood plasma, saliva, buccal scrapings, liver biopsy on available kits were worked out.

The way to use for analysis not a painful biopsy procedure, which involves removing a piece of tissue or organ from the patient's body, but the usual scraping from the oral cavity was found.

Correlations of microRNAs with biomarkers of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism involved in the development of NAFLD were revealed.

MicroRNAs that can be used as a marker of response to antiviral therapy in chronic HCV infection have been identified.

Research teams have published and prepared for publication in the priority areas of RUDN 30 publications in journals indexed in the Web of Science/Scopus databases, 3 patent applications have been prepared and submitted.

Access to scientific electronic resources

In a rapidly developing world, it is essential to keep abreast of the latest developments and to have free access to socially relevant information, especially of scientific nature. In 2018, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia received access to databases that are actively used by employees and students.

The University cooperates with such world scientific databases as: Mendeley, Reaxys Medical Chemistry, including Cambridge Journals, Oxford Journals, Questel Orbit, IEL IEEE, MathSciNet, AAAS. In addition, access to the national subscription to WoS, Scopus, which opens new horizons for students and faculty. They get into the scientific community, having the opportunity to be among the first to get acquainted with scientific publications of a world character. These resources include a database of promising areas of science databases and abstracts for international dissertations.

Effective navigation of the new electronic content was carried out in the process of face-to-face consultations and by telephone. During the meetings, everyone could learn how to find interesting information quickly using keywords and get it in the shortest possible time. Remote courses on work with electronic resources in Telecommunication Training and Information System and various seminars, trainings and master classes enjoyed increased popularity. A wider range of opportunities has been formed for postgraduate studies: new disciplines directly related to the use of the electronic scientific library have been introduced into the curriculum.

It is possible to get an idea of the detailed description of the databases on the site ESTLC (Scientific Library) in the section “Electronic resources”, where all information about the databases with descriptions and links for platforms is placed:

Implementation of research work by research and educational groups under the leadership of leading foreign and Russian scientists and (or) together with leading scientific institutions /organizations

The main idea of the project is to develop sustainable methods for solving direct problems of modeling small quantum mechanical systems. This will be used to solve the problems of designing specialized quantum processes and quantum communication systems.

During the project, optical effects for use in the creation of submicron-sized optical devices based on Maxwell's equations were studied. Various waveguide structures, such as modern multicore optical fibers, are considered within the research. The theoretical justification of the proposed approach is in the work of M. D. Malykh, L. A. Sevastyanov “On the representation of electromagnetic fields in closed waveguides with discontinuous filling by means of continuous potentials”.

Special attention should be paid to the ultra-modern waveguide structures based on liquid crystals, which have important properties of “restructuring”. Within the research of the project, a large number of works were devoted to difference schemes, which are one of the main numerical methods for solving problems of mathematical physics.

This project has made a significant contribution to the improvement of research methods of complex physical and technical systems and information and communication technologies.

Evaluation of ecosystem services of urban green infrastructure by methods of high-frequency monitoring and remote sensing (supervisors - Carlo Calfapietra (Italy) / Vasenev Vyacheslav Ivanovich)

Initially, young researchers had to justify the main ecosystem services of urban green infrastructure and choose parameters for monitoring and quantitative assessment. The collection of remote sensing and high-frequency monitoring data helped to assess the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the indicators under study and to identify patterns that further led to the development of statistical and geostatistical models.

Modern migration processes in terms of heightened religious, ethnic, inter-regional contradictions (supervisors - Semenenko Irina Stanislavovna / Mchedlova Maria Miranovna)

Within the research work Round tables of young scientists, postgraduate students and students: “Modern migration processes in the context of regional contradictions” and “Migration processes and the construction of the EU identity”, which aroused great interest were organized. This topic was included in the program of the VIII All-Russian Congress of political scientists.

The results of the work had tremendous success. Now they are used in public discussions on institutionalized platforms, as well as in recommendations to public authorities of Russia: expert seminars within the electoral cycle 2018, organized by the EISR and the Presidential Administration.

Linguistic and cultural mediation with the refugees to ensure their linguistic rights in the areas of border crossing in the era of the migration crisis (supervisors: Carmen Valero Garcés (Spain) / Atabekova Anastasia Anatolievna)

The project participants were able to confirm the hypothesis of the interdisciplinary nature of the context of linguistic and cultural mediation, which further contributed to the characterization of knowledge, strategies, tactics and tools. They became available to various structures and officials involved in the reception of refugees. The results of this work can help to solve the problems of providing linguistic and communicative needs and protecting the linguistic rights of refugees timely.

The achieved results are of a new, original, author's character, correspond to a high international level, and, in some cases, solve the previously known unsolved problems.