Values and Traditions

Values and Traditions

Regardless of rankings, age, geography and profile all universities are united by common values.

Students and university staff from all over the world share and understand perfectly well the basic ideas of our education.

Multinationality and International Cooperation


  • RUDN University is the leader among the Russia nhigher education institutions in the percentage of international students in international rankings
  • Weeks of national and regional cultures
  • Declaration of Tolerance
  • About 120 national student associations
  • International study groups
  • International principle of livingin student hostels

International Cooperation

  • Cooperation Agreements with QSTOP-500 65 universities from 53 developing countries
  • 176 joint internationale ducational programmes
  • Double diploma programmes
  • Educational programmes accreditedby the international agencies
  • RUDN University is thehead higher education institution for:
    • CIS Network University (24 universities)
    • University of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (82 university)
    • BRICS Network University (60 universities)

Academicstaff, scientist, student
and graduates’ contribution to the development of the world community

  • 5 RUDN University regional clusters - 70 countries: Asia (17), Africa (20), Latin America (18), Middle East and North Africa (10), CIS (5)
  • Scientific institutes in Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Telecommunications
  • Institute of Innovative EngineeringTechnologies: additive production
  • More than 200 laboratories and 40 scientific and educational centres in interdisciplinary fields of study
  • CoreFacilities: license for production of drug products
  • Alumni Associations in over 70 countries of the world            
  • International Club of Employers and Alumni

Interdisciplinary Character of Educational and Scientific Activities

Institutes and Faculties

  • Engineering Technologies
  • Medicine                                                   
  • Agrarian Technologies                                   
  • Space Technologies                               
  • Law                                                    
  • Hospitality Businessand Tourism                      
  • Linguistics
  • Modern Languages
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Ecology

Equal Opportunities

  • State-funded tuition and scholarships of 400$ for Olympiad winners
  • Over 20 kinds of scholarships for the best students
  • Degree in translation (12 languages to choose from) for all students
  • Competitive support of the student scientific projects
  • Student Councils in every faculty and institute
  • Student’s Code of Honour: respect for cultural and religious specificities

Commitment to studying, research, social activities

  • Interactive character of the educational process: case-studies, business games
  • Team work – co-working spaces
  • Over 60 student professional associations
  • Own telecommunication information system: video lectures, assignments, tests, online communication with a lecturer
  • RUDN University A-students’ Forums     
  • Voluntary movement: medical students, students in ecology, law, linguistics
  • Annual RUDN University Spartakiad in 9 kinds of sport
  • Training Ecology for all students
  • Energy saving projects
  • Earth Day and Our Student Forest events