Algorithm for conducting the open Olympiad of the RUDN for foreign citizens

Algorithm for conducting the open Olympiad of the RUDN for foreign citizens

The preparation stage for the Olympiad (before April 04, 2020)

It is intended for preparing participants to pass tests. The evaluation criteria and methodological materials for training in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, social studies, Russian language are available on the Olympiad website in the section "RUDN Olympiad for master's degree programs", in the section "RUDN Olympiad for undergraduate programs".

You can also find information about choosing of the Olympiad direction on the Olympiad twebsite.

But most importantly, the site has an online testing module that contains the latest demo versions of test tasks.

In preparation mode, each participant can solve tasks without any time limits.

The first online qualifying stage of the Olympiad (from 05 to 15 April 2020).

It is intended for preliminary selection of participants of the Olympiad using remote technologies (online testing module). During this stage, the online testing module contains versions of real test tasks in all subjects in Russian and English.

Participants who have passed the test and received more than 90 points are invited to interview the test authors remotely. The results of the interview are announced in 10 days.

Second qualifying stage of the Olympiad in partner countries (February-May 2020)

It is held in full-time format by authorized representatives of RUDN mainly on the basis of partner universities or RCSC in accordance with the schedule of events.

The host of the face-to-face stage of the contest are determined by the order of the rector of RUDN University, including considering the results of the first selection online competition.

The list of winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad is posted on the Olympiad website after the results of the tests in all countries are summed up, but no later than May 25, 2020.