Pre-University Training
Preliminary preparation of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

If you are planning to receive a high-quality higher education in Russia, but do not speak Russian or do not speak Russian sufficient enough, we suggest that you take a course at the Faculty of Russian Language and General Educational Disciplines. The faculty is part of the university environment and combines innovative teaching technologies with the traditions and mission of the RUDN University.

Digital Pre-University Faculty

Our priorities:

Socio-cultural adaptation to the social and intellectual environment of the university, the Moscow metropolis and Russia itself

Activation of the intellectual and creative abilities of students in order to form a multilaterally developed personality in general and a professional in particular

Disclosure of the individuality of each foreign listener in the process of teaching the Russian language as a foreign and general educational discipline

Development of a pedagogical system for the integration of foreign students of the Faculty of Russian Language and General Subjects into the main faculties in order to implement the continuity of training and retention of the contingent

  • Preparing foreign students for training at faculties and institutes of the RUDN;
  • Preparation includes both linguistic (from scratch) and subject training of foreign citizens in the necessary disciplines of their future specialization;
  • As a rule, teaching at the faculty runs for 10 months (one academic year), but special short-term training programs for trainees and masters (3-4 months) are also practiced. The number of hours of classes per week is 36, in the group there are 8-10 students from different countries;
  • The faculty implements a variational learning model that sets flexible educational trajectories that are tailored to the individual needs of the students of the faculty.
The list of compulsory language courses includes:

Russian language. Basic knowledge; Russian language. Scientific style; Russian language. Phonetic workshop.

List of subjects in the specialty of the student's choice:
Biological vocabulary of specialty;
Introduction to Political Science;
Introduction to Philosophy;
Engineering graphics;
History of literature;
Mathematical vocabulary of specialty;
Social Studies;
Fundamentals of Informatics and Computer Science;
Basics of journalism;
Fundamentals of linguistic knowledge;
Fundamentals of Political Science;
Fundamentals of legal knowledge;
Fundamentals of psychological knowledge;
Fundamentals of Economic Knowledge;
Problems of the theory of state and law;
Physical education;
Physical vocabulary of specialty;
Chemical vocabulary specialty;
Economic theories;
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Physical education is obligatory for all disciplines. The attendance of the classes (permitted by the doctors of the RUDN Medical Center on the basis of data on the student's state of health) involves the performance of developing physical exercises, participation in sports games, as well as in inter-faculty and interuniversity sports competitions (for those who wish).

Additional language training

The possibility of additional language training for foreign citizens and stateless persons is provided by  the Gorizont Supplementary Education Center, where you can learn Russian using special short-term training programs, both individually and in small groups. The Center employs the best teachers of the faculty who speak foreign languages ​​ (English, French, Spanish, etc.), which organize a comfortable intensive immersion in the Russian cultural and linguistic environment.

Certificate of state testing in Russian language

The Russian Language and General Education Department of the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University provides foreigners with an opportunity to confirm their level of Russian language proficiency in  the Testing Department of the Gorizont Additional Education Center and receive a certificate of state testing in the Russian language.