Beijing DHH Law Firm

On 25 October the RUDN University Traineeship and Career Department and international Chinese DHH Law Firm (China) held a working meeting and agreed to cooperate in employment of RUDN University international students and graduates.

DHH is one of the most successful law firms of China. It provides high-class legal services. It is one of the few legal firms which the Chinese Finance Minister called a "provider of legal services for foreign investment". The company has offices in many countries of the world including Moscow.

The issues of cooperation between DHH and RUDN University were discussed in the course of the meeting. The company and RUDN University confirmed their commitment to extending further their cooperation in internship/traineeship and prospective employment.

The company management expressed their interest in employing RUDN University students. The special emphasis was laid on the development of relations in the field of internships for RUDN University students and graduates from all over the world.

On 23 November RUDN University singed a bilateral agreement on cooperation with international Chinese DHH Law Firm. «The cooperation we have just agreed on offers bright prospects. It is expected to start with traditional forms e.g. internships of international and Russian students, conducting scientific events, but in future it can turn into developing joint educational programmes training specialists for this very company», - RUDN University Rector Vladimir Filippov noted.

Beijing DHH Law Firm is one of the largest and fast developing law firms of China. Its head office is in Beijing and it has over 30 offices all over China.

 Important facts:

- DHH is described as a "provider of legal services for international investment" by the PRC Ministry of Commerce;

- DHH is ranked 7th in Asia Top 100 Law Firms and 2nd in 10 Rising Law Firms of China;

- DHH is one of the few State Capital Group (SCG) Legal member firms in mainland China;

- DHH is a founder of the DH Elite Chinese Legal Alliance (ECLA).