Dr. Martin and Co

The Doctor Martin dental clinic network is one of the best medical centers in Moscow. This really high title was awarded to us by the organizing Committee of the national award of Public recognition of the achievements of citizens of the Russian Federation with the support of the President of the Russian Federation. In our network of clinics, the lion's share of doctors are graduates of RUDN. Every year, 5-7 graduates of RUDN are employed in our clinics. Their successful work indicates the high quality of training of graduates of the RUDN in the specialty "Dentistry".
 All graduates of the RUDN show independence, professionalism, and the ability to find the right solution to complex medical issues. They are distinguished by the desire for professional development, obtaining new information in their own and related specializations. 
On the basis of the "Doctor Martin" dental clinics, seminars and master classes are organized and conducted, including with the involvement of recognized experts with a world name. Currently, on the basis of our clinics, residents of the "RUDN Medical Institute" receive practical training in the specialty "dental Orthopedics". Residents are familiar with the main orders and internal documentation. They brought the rules for disinfection and sterilization of tools, rules for treating patients in the clinic. They participate in the discussion of orthopedic treatment plans, conduct a full outpatient appointment under the guidance of experienced doctors. Residents show a good theoretical preparation. Skillfully apply their own knowledge in solving specific professional tasks. Demonstrate increased responsibility and self-discipline. Graduates of RUDN with a specialty in Dentistry can always realize themselves professionally in the network of clinics "Doctor Martin" and get not only a prestigious job, but also wide opportunities for career and professional growth.

Sarkisian M .S.
Head of resident practice, CMN, dentist-orthopedist