EnergoStom Family Dentistry

Energostom clinic was established at Mosenergo in 2009 to provide highly qualified dental care to employees of this largest Moscow company. In 2013, Energostom became the scientific and clinical base of the Department of General and clinical dentistry of the Peoples ' Friendship University of Russia. Today, some of the clinic's doctors are graduates of the RUDN. Every year, the clinic hosts an industrial practice "Assistant dentist-hygienist" for 3rd year students. During the practice, they acquire knowledge on maintaining medical records, the use of methods for the prevention of hard tissues of the teeth, periodontal diseases, and mucous membranes. In the future, students have the opportunity to remain as dental assistants until the end of their studies at the University. The chief doctor of the clinic Tizhoev V. A and Deputy chief medical officer Abrahamyan M. A. actively and reliably cooperate with the University, providing a place of practice and future work for graduates of our University.

Tizhoev V.A
The chief doctor