The management of “Hi-tech” company expresses gratitude to the Faculty of Sciences of the RUDN University for the high level of students’ education.

The RUDN University students, whom our company interacted with, demonstrate a high level of knowledge in the field of mathematics, and good working skills. This level of education allows students and graduates to participate in company’s activity deeply and faster. Thus, they achieve high results in their work.

Due to a well-structured educational process, under the supervision of experienced specialists of the company students become professionals in the chosen field in a short term.

Students are motivated to achieve the best results and to learn and develop new ideas, technology, and new tools  in the field of IT and microelectronics. Every student who ever came to our company for internship remains to work there.

We are glad to have mutually beneficial cooperation. We are always ready to offer internships and work in significant state projects to students and graduates of the RUDN University.

We hope that our cooperation will be long-term and fruitful.

R.N. Volkov
General Manager