Job for Arabist HR Agency

This is to certify that “Job for Arabists Ltd.” Recruiting Agency, based in Moscow, has a long-term partnership with the Russian University of People’s Friendship (RUDN).  

From the moment of the “Job for Arabists” establishment, we continuously support with the recruiting of the Philological faculty post-graduates with specialization “Linguistic” or those students, who had studied in the RUDN under the curriculum of dedicated Translators’ Programs. With some translators, we even work via our own Translation Bureau “Arabist”.  

During the whole period of our partnership with the RUDN University, we have great proofs of its linguistic curriculum excellence, because all post-graduates, bachelors and masters of the Philological faculty, as well as all certified translators show a highest level of foreign languages studied, both written and verbal. Our trust to the RUND’s expertise and the unique school of tutorial helped us to propose and to open later on special courses for certified Arabic language translators.     

While dealing with post-graduates and certified translators from RUDN and proudly offering their skills to potential employers, we have no doubts in their knowledges and can assure entrepreneurs and companies in different sectors of economy that those candidates for open vacancies would become great team players and may add valuable language support to daily activities of the company/ organization.   

We are pleased to continue our partnership with RUDN in the future.

Viacheslav S. Eliseev
Founder and CEO