Med-Vet LLC is the largest network of veterinary clinics in the Russian Federation. The main team base of doctors is graduates of the RUDN University with a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Every year, 7-10 RUDN graduates are employed in the company. Their successful activity indicates the high quality of training of graduates of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the specialty "Veterinary". All RUDN graduates show independence, professionalism, the ability to find the right solution to complex medical issues, they are distinguished by the desire for professional development, obtaining new information. On the basis of Med-Vet LLC, medical practice, specialization courses, advanced training, seminars, round tables are organized and conducted, including with the involvement of recognized specialists from leading universities and veterinary centers of the world. RUDN graduates of the specialty "Veterinary Medicine" can always realize themselves professionally at Med-Vet LLC and get not only prestigious work, but also wide career opportunities.

Vilkovsky Ilya Fedorovich
General Manager