Based on the concluded Agreement on cooperation №0090-01-15/998, 06.02.2019 OSC «Aircraft corporation «RUBIN» and RUDN University joint training of highly qualified specialists in the field of development and production of machine-building products is conducted. The cooperation has been conducted since 2015, and today it covers the conduct of production, pre-graduate practices based on the enterprise, conducting career guidance tours, participation of the company in the development of training plans, work programs, as well as assessment of the quality of training for bachelors and masters at the meeting of the State examination Commission. It should be noted the high level of training of specialists in the field of knowledge of theoretical aspects of design and technological support of machine-building industries, as well as developing practical skills for developing non-standard designs and technological processes using modern software. One of the main results of joint work is the successful performance of duties and career growth of about 10 graduates of RUDN University Engineering Academy, employed in the company. Considering RUDN University one of the basic partners in the field of training specialists, OSC «Aircraft corporation «RUBIN» for its part it plans to continue in the field of joint training of engineering personnel.

Petrov Vadim Valerievich
Specialist of the Department of assessment, development and professional training