Russian Helicopters (Holding)

JSC “Russian Helicopters” has been cooperating with RUDN since 2017. Since then, over 10 master degree students majoring in “Innovative Management in Industry” and “Big Data Economics” have completed their internships and found job placements, while the senior “Russian Helicopters” scientific staff have become PhD students of the “Economics and National Economy Management” specialty.

Annually, the company’s top and middle management receives Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and MBA training on a repayable basis designed with the company’s needs in mind. Today, more than 10 students of JSC “Russian Helicopters” have completed the following CPE and MBA programmes: 
CPE programmes:

  • “Design to Cost”
  • “Methods and Practices of the Contemporary Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). Levels 1 and 2 according to the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) standard.”
  • MBA programme “Specialized Subject Management”. “Managing Companies With Public Ownership” programme module.

The most efficient joint projects include the contract-based research activities taking place at RUDN and relating to the following subjects designed for the enterprises affiliated with the JSC “Russian Helicopters”:

  • “The methods of optimizing efficiency of a complex technical system: design to cost and market competitiveness” for the JSC “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant” (implementation period 2018-2019);
  • “Developing methods and tools to ensure economic sustainability for the PJSC “Kazan Helicopters” (implementation period 2019-2020).

The noteworthy plans and prospects for cooperation involve the expansion of scientific and educational activities, such as the opening of a training platform for the master programme “Efficient Managerial Decision Making (Big Data Economics)” on the premises of JSC “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant”, as well as the implementation of various prospective joint scientific projects in the scientific field”.

Maksim Dragunov
Deputy Head of HR