The Vidproject research and design Institute has been cooperating with the Peoples 'Friendship University of Russia for a long time and supports the efforts of the University's staff to further strengthen the educational and research potential at the level of the best international standards.Today, the Vidproject research and design Institute employs 5 graduates of the RUDN who graduated from the University in the field of land Management and cadastre and successfully implemented themselves in the collective work of the organization. Starting their career from ordinary positions, graduates of the Institute achieve significant success in their professional activities and make a significant
contribution to the success and scientific achievements of the Institute.Their successful work has shown that the quality of professional training of graduates of the RUDN, the level of knowledge they received meets the qualification requirements necessary for effective scientific and applied work. Graduates of RUDN in the direction of "land Management and cadastre" should be noted their interest in obtaining new information, expanding theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, which leads employees to professional development and career growth.

General Director