Mr. Georges Lochak was born in the Russian family. Georges Lochak studied physics and mathematics at the Sorbonne and the Henri Poincaré Institute in the period of 1950-1954, defended the thesis "Application of Rotation Groups in the Theory of a Quantum Top" under the supervision of Louis de Broglie.


In the period of 1956-1957 under the scientist exchange programme between France and the USSR G. Lochak worked in Moscow and Dubna in the theoretical department of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.


He worked at the Henri Poincare Institute, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) and the Joliot-Curie Laboratory of Nuclear Physics (Paris-Sud University). By the time of his retirement in 1996 he was a former research director at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). 

Interesting Facts

Mr. Lochak is a famous French theoretical physicist, a disciple of Louis de Broglie, the President of the Louis de Broglie Foundation; he lives and works in Paris. Mr. Lochak is famous for his work in the field of elementary particle physics (he is an author of the theory of lepton magnetic monopole), as well as for numerous popular science books translated into Russian as well.