Mr. Ulrich Kunat studied medicine in Tübingen, Düsseldorf and Hamburg (1962-1968), after that he passed the state examination in Hamburg.


In 1970 Ulrich Kunat obtained a doctor's license. Later Ulrich undertook an internship in the field of surgery in St. Gallen Hospital (R. Amguerd, B.G. Weber) and at the University Surgical Hospital of Frankfurt (F. Stelzner). He worked as a surgeon in Frankfurt (1975).


In 1977 Mr. Ulrich Kunat worked as a chief doctor, in 1980 – deputy director of the clinic at Bonn University Hospital (F. Stelzner). In 1980 he became an assistant professor; in 1982 he was awarded the title of Professor in Bonn.


Since 1986 Mr. Kunat started working in the city hospital of Saarbrücken, where he was a chief doctor. In 2003 he worked as a surgeon in Tanzania.


After the completion of the doctor's career (2007) he devoted his life to the literary activity.