Willi Jaeger is an outstanding scientist in the field of nonlinear analysis and its applications. Professor W. Jaeger uniquely combines the analytical power of a mathematician with a great power of intuition in empirical sciences. He obtained important results in the spectral theory of differential operators, in research of the regularity of minimal surfaces, the issues of uniqueness and bifurcations for solutions of quasilinear elliptic and parabolic systems, including for harmonic maps of Riemannian spaces. His contribution to the development of methods of mathematical modeling of complex chemical structures and processes, accompanied by reactions, filtration, diffusion, cannot be overemphasized. W. Jaeger was the first to construct mathematical models for many of these phenomena. In particular, using modern methods of the theory of averaging, he obtained new macroscopic liquid-flow equations, taking into account the reactions and microstructure of the objects, found the conditions on the phase boundaries. A rigorous mathematical study of the nonlinear problems obtained (stability, asymptotic behavior, regularity of solutions, occurrence of singularities) was conducted; analytical and numerical methods of their solution were proposed. The Center of Scientific Calculations managed by Mr. Jaeger is one of the world leaders in the field of creating software packages for the issues of tomography, hydrodynamics, architecture and many nonlinear problems arising in the industry.

Willi Jaeger is the leader and active participant of a number of research projects, including projects on mathematical modeling of physicochemical processes in diffusion systems (1978-1992), projects in the field of "Computer and Sensory Surgery" (1998), on the topic "Numerical Solution of Tasks of Hydrodynamics on Supercomputers" and a number of other important projects. Mr. Jaeger is an editor of international journals: "Calculations and Visualization in Science" (Springer), "Analysis" (Oldenburg), "Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics" (Gruyter), "Notes on Applied Mathematics" (Springer), "Journal of Mathematical Biology" (Springer).