Training period
4 Year
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
6000 5800


How many times a day do you see advertisements? Regardless of the place of residence, means of transportation, phone model, we are faced with advertising. It changes its forms, but continues to remain in the information space. The task of a modern advertising specialist is to create a communication message that is harmoniously integrated into the life of a consumer. Specialists with such skills remain in demand. The history has shown that with any ups and downs of the economy, the demand for high-quality advertising products remains high.

Educational Process

This programme provides comprehensive knowledge in the entire area of “Advertising and Public Relations”. In the senior courses there is a division into specialties, where students receive expertise on the selected specialty of “Advertising”. The main language of the profession is English, so the educational process includes a Complementary Education Programme, which allows students to get a diploma of a translator, and also within the framework of this programme it is possible to choose and study a second foreign language. The combination of basic economic courses in marketing and management with specialized courses in branding, media planning, copywriting, creativity and design and marketing communications after 4 years of study produces highly trained specialists who are well-versed in the Advertising industry and have necessary relevant professional knowledge.
Students can design their programme by themselves. Every year students choose courses from thematic blocks of special courses: “Image Design”, “Non-Standard Advertising and PR Technologies”, “Modern Presentation Technologies”, “Development of Creative Thinking”, “Practice of Modern Branding”, “Strategy and Tactics of SMM”, “Naming”, “Event Marketing”, “Producer of Commercials and Radio Advertising”, “Effectiveness of Advertising Campaigns”, “Development of Digital Projects”, etc. This allows students to choose a priority direction in communications and helps to choose the profession.
One of the strengths of this programme is its applied nature and the orientation of the educational material to the actual needs of the employer. Most academic staff are representatives of the advertising industry, company owners, communication experts and independent consultants. A number of practice-oriented disciplines prepare students to promote goods and services, companies, persons or ideas in the Internet environment. The main disciplines that form the professional competencies of students are “Fundamentals of Integrated Communications in Advertising and PR”, “Fundamentals of Branding”, “Fundamentals of Design and Composition”, “Production Technologies in Advertising and Public Relations”, “Psychology of Advertising and PR”, “Theory and Practice of Mass Media”, “Computer Technologies in Advertising Design”, “Information Technologies in Advertising and PR”, “Organization of the work of advertising and public relations departments”, “Marketing research and situational analysis”, etc.
And do not forget about our master classes, which are held weekly. You can learn about them on the faculty website and in social networks.


There is no such thing as a lot of practice. During the entire period of study, students are involved in practical professional activities:
1) within the framework of educational internship, work placement and pre-graduation internship, which take place in communication agencies, communication departments in Russian and foreign companies, organizations and the media;
2) in the process of participation in creative and professional Russian and international competitions;
3) within the framework of professional projects and activities as an intern-assistant.
In addition, business games, trainings, master classes of leading experts in the field of communication contribute to the formation in future specialists both a professional worldview and professional competencies directly within the process of study.


During the period of study we do not take our students to job fairs, but welcome employers to work with students as practice leaders, teachers or master class leaders. A lot of our senior students begin to work in network advertising agencies, engage in freelancing or even launch their start-up. Our alumni are a brand that is known and represented in many major advertising agencies.