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The multilevel system of higher education (Bachelors, Masters, PhD graduates, and residency trainees), 6 faculties, 10 institutes and 1 academy ensure the widest opportunities for high-quality education.

Dual Degrees

We cooperate with leading universities of Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany, and China, with over 130 dual-degree programs. Dual degree programs give students a unique opportunity to:

  • — study in two countries;
  • — receive two diplomas : RUDN diploma and partner university diploma;
  • — reach native-like fluency in a foreign language;
  • — get acquainted with the culture of another country;
  • — combine study and travel.

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28 Dec 2021
New opportunities for medical students: an ambulance simulator opens at RUDN University

The paramedic’s task is to provide urgent, emergency medical care to the patient despite of often unfavorable conditions. Rough roads, high vehicle speeds, or poor teamwork do not contribute to saving lives. Medical students can now try real work in an ambulance - an ambulance simulator has been opened at RUDN University accreditation and simulation center.

20 Sep 2021
The world of the Russian language: RUDN Digital Pre-University Faculty celebrates its one year anniversary

300 students from 31 countries have been learning Russian online with RUDN University teachers. The Digital Pre-University Faculty of RUDN University celebrates its first anniversary on September 15!

25 Aug 2021
The beginning of the academic year at RUDN University. How we study in the first semester?

The academic year starts in a mixed format at RUDN University from 1 September 2021. International students who are unable to enter the Russian Federation due to the closed borders start studying in a distance format. All other full-time students will study on campus taking into account the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

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28 Jan
Scientific and methodological seminar “Modular Training Method As A Tool For Level Oriented Monologue Speech”
Report “Modular Training Method As A Tool For Level Oriented Monologue Speech” to represent a training manual “It`s Time To Speak … English” which special feature is the use of modular teaching method of foreign languages as a system component of the educational process, that allows to build a foreign language training on the principles of problem-based and activity-based approaches, personality-oriented learning of cooperation and creative development.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
13 Jan
Seminar “Mathematical modeling helps to better understand the mechanisms B-cell lymphomas acquired resistance to BTK inhibitor treatment”
Chronic activation of B-cell receptor (BCR) signaling via Bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) is largely considered to be one of the primary mechanisms driving disease progression in B-cell lymphomas, particularly, ABC DLBCL.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar
28 Dec
Scientific seminar «Spectral theory of differential and difference operators»
Analysis of articles by Matthias Eller and Ilya. M. Karabash 2021 ArXiv 2021. For Maxwell operators in Lipschitz domains, the following are described all m-dissipative boundary conditions. For this Riesz bases in trace spaces are constructed and a modified version of the boundary triplet is introduced.
Direction: Science
Event format: Seminar