Nature management

Nature management

Mode of study
Level of study
Direction of preparation
Ecology and Nature Management

Training period
2 Year
Language of study
University partner
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens


The organization of environmental management requires the use of various tools – administrative regulation, economic measures of influence. Economic methods of environmental management regulation are given the most important place due to their high efficiency. However, this requires sound assessments of natural resources, assessment of the effectiveness of their use and restoration, development of effective strategies for the sustainable development of companies and regions. The program “Economics of Natural Resources Management” is devoted to these issues.

Educational Process

The essential advantage of the joint educational program “Nature Management” is that it is based on the joint development and implementation of integrated curricula. An important component of the program is the built-in element of international mobility. The program ends with obtaining a joint degree and a diploma from a partner university. The training will allow you to get acquainted with the methods of economic assessment of natural resources, the economic justification of the optimal ways of their use and restoration, environmental quality control technologies, approaches to the analysis and management of environmental risks using economic tools, economic aspects of the development and practical application of environmental standards. The set of practical competencies of the graduate allows him to confidently navigate the modern requirements for effective resource management, the organization of the “green economy” and sustainable development.


Students have the opportunity to complete practical training at industrial enterprises, in international production, design and consulting companies, to take part in international research projects both in Russia and in the partner country. There is a possibility of internships in the relevant structures of the UN and other international organizations, as well as in foreign universities-partners of the RUDN for BRICS, SCO, UI GreenMetric, etc.


Graduates are widely in demand in international organizations, joint and multinational companies, in state and municipal authorities in the field of environmental protection, in consulting and project organizations, non-governmental organizations dealing with environmental protection and sustainable development, universities and research institutes. For more than 10 years of the program's existence, its graduates have taken leading positions in their universities, have become employees of international companies.