Russia and Adjacent Regions

Russia and Adjacent Regions

Mode of study
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Foreign Area Studies

Training period
2 Year
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Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens


Foreign Studies is aimed at an in-depth study of a particular region of the world in various aspects: political processes, level of economic development, foreign economic relations, socio-cultural characteristics, history and other significant characteristics. This programme provides training for specialists in a particular region, individual country or a group of countries. Modernity requires that specialists be able to work at the intersection of interdisciplinary sciences. The specialty of a regional expert implies training of such personnel. The Department of Theory and History of International Relations trains specialists in Russia and the CIS. A regional specialist in Russia and the CIS is a historian, political scientist, diplomat, economist, lawyer, linguist rolled into one. A good knowledge of a foreign language, economics, geography, history, demography and culture of the region allows students to fulfil themselves in various fields of activity.
A regional specialist in Russia and the CIS can engage in specialized translation, participate in the development of international relations, draw up investment projects, participate in the development of international relations, do statistical research, and advise on the problems of the region. Regional specialists in Russia and the CIS analyze historical, natural resource, ethnic, religious, environmental, political, intra- and interregional factors on the subject of the problem.

Educational Process

Students study a full range of general theoretical, historical and applied disciplines related to Russia and the CIS. Particular attention is paid to the cycle of regional studies disciplines in geography and history, economics and finance, politics and law, culture and religion, foreign policy and international relations of the studied region.
Among the teaching staff are leading experts from RUDN University, MGIMO University and Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, practitioners from the Russian Foreign Ministry and Rossotrudnichestvo.


All students undergo their pre-degree internship within the framework of which they are attached to the Russian State Library, State Public Historical Library, etc. to do research.


The main jobs in which graduates of the department work are a diplomat, regional studies expert, analyst, regional studies journalist, regional studies lawyer, regional studies economist, and regional studies manager.
Graduates of the department work in the system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Rossotrudnichestvo, MIA Russia Today, ITAR TASS, diplomatic institutions of a number of foreign states, international organizations, commercial organizations, research centres, higher education institutions in Russia and foreign countries.