Political Issues of Globalizing World

Political Issues of Globalizing World

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Political Science

Training period
2 Year
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It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens


A political scientist is a specialist who studies politics and its impact on society, as well as analyzes events which take place in political circles. In Russia, this field of study arose in higher education only at the end of the 20th century, so the profession is considered quite young, and young specialists are in demand in many areas.
Training master’s students in political sciences specializing in Russian-Chinese intercultural communication opens up the possibility of a wide professional choice: international departments of government institutions, leading world and Russian mass media, research and analytical centres, consulting organizations (think tanks), business corporations whose activities affect the sphere of Russian-Chinese relations.
In view of the growing influence of the PRC in the global economy and the development of Sino-Russian relations, the demand for highly qualified political scientists who speak Chinese and specialize in international and Sino-Russian relations will only increase.

Educational Process

The master’s double degree programme in Political Problems of Globalizing World is a two-year one and it is implemented at two universities — RUDN University and Shandong University (China).
The first year of study takes place at one of the largest universities in China — Shandong University, where master’s students are trained in Chinese and English. Within the framework of the first year, master’s students are completely immersed in an intensive training programme which is in the best traditions of the People's Republic of China. Master’s students comprehend the foundations of world and Chinese ideological and political theories, modern concepts of international relations under the compulsory programme.
Master’s students enrolled in the joint programme spend their second year of study at the RUDN University Department of Comparative Political Science. Training is implemented in Russian and English during two terms. Within the framework of the last year under the master’s programme, the work of students shifts towards research and practical activities.
Master’s theses are defended at RUDN University with the participation of professors from Shandong University (China). As a result of training, graduates receive two state-recognized diplomas conferring a master’s degree: a Chinese diploma from Shandong University and a Russian diploma from RUDN University.


Discussions on the most topical issues of Russian and world politics, master classes from leading Russian and foreign political scientists, participation in the most prestigious scientific events in Russia, as well as preparing their own events (from round tables to international political science conferences) generate interest in deep immersion in the profession, form all the necessary skills and competencies among master’s students enrolled in the programme.
The master’s programme is implemented in close cooperation with employers. Due to the high demand for political scientists with knowledge of Chinese, master’s students enrolled in the joint programme in Political Problems of the Globalizing World have a unique opportunity to choose internship sites from a wide range of companies and organizations. The most popular internship sites are state institutions engaged in the development and maintenance of Russian-Chinese relations. Master’s students also show interest in participating in business projects of large consulting companies directly related to work not only within the framework of bilateral relations, but also international organizations with the participation of Russia and China. Multinational companies and media oriented to the Chinese market are always ready to accept master’s students enrolled in the double degree programme to complete their predegree internship as well.


The acquired fundamental knowledge in political science, intercultural communication skills and practical competencies allow graduates of the double degree programme in Political Problems of Globalizing World to successfully fulfil themselves as specialists in an international department in a large business corporation or government institutions of the Russian Federation, China, as well as international organizations. Starting as a specialist, one can successfully work in the framework of strategic Russian-Chinese projects; in the future one can head an international department of a business company or government department, make a successful career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or become a political observer.
In addition to building a successful career, master’s graduates can continue their studies and research under the postgraduate programme in Political Science and Regional Studies.