Business Management

Business Management

Mode of study
Level of study
Direction of preparation

Training period
4 Year
Language of study
Cost of education
It is shown that the cost of tuition for one year
For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
6350 6150


Research and forecasts of the largest consulting and recruiting agencies confirm that the profession of “manager” in 2002-2020 occupied a place in the top ten of the 300 most popular professions. By the middle of 2020, there were 9 million 424.6 thousand enterprises of industry, trade and services in Russia, and the unsatisfied demand for middle and senior managers in Moscow alone ranged from 39 to 68% in various industries.
Modern business needs specialists who are able to create profitable companies and successful products, see unique opportunities and develop development strategies in the face of constant unpredictable changes in business environment. Technologies, products, consumer preferences, fashion and the world as a whole are changing, but the need for companies to carry out management activities, achieve goals and ensure competitiveness under the condition of rational use of resources, social responsibility and concern for the environment remains unchanged. A manager is just such a specialist, so the demand for qualified managers in various sectors of the economy has remained consistently high for decades.
Students of the specialty “Business Management” during their studies receive the most relevant knowledge, skills and abilities in various fields of management.
Interesting facts:
— Specialized education is the first step to a career as a top manager.
— The main features of the management work process are brevity, diversity and continuity.
— Managers have to work at an extremely high pace.
— Managers are focused primarily on action, and reflection remains for later. According to research, about half of all actions of senior and middle managers last no more than 9 minutes and only 10% last about an hour.
— From 66% to 80% of the working time, managers carry out verbal (oral) communications. For senior managers, in 93% of cases, they are carried out on a one-time basis, and only 1% of the time is devoted to lengthy general discussions. Only 1 out of every 368 cases of verbal contact was not related to a specific issue and could be attributed to general planning.

Educational Process

The curriculum of the specialty “Business Management” includes compulsory and university disciplines modules, which allows you to balance the process of forming mandatory professional competencies of students and their interests in the field of future specialization, forming individual curriculums. Along with general economic and management courses, students study the most promising management technologies in the framework of such courses as “Strategic Management”, “Project Management”, “Innovation Management”, “Change Management”, “Management Theory”, “Organization Theory”, “Lean Manufacturing”, “Logistics”, “Leadership”, “Time Management”, “Human Resource Management”, “Organizational Design”, “Business Models in the Digital Economy”, “Blockchain”, “Small Business Management”, “Cross-cultural Management” and others.


A practice-oriented approach to studying is one of the most important values of the specialty “Business Management”. Managerial competencies cannot be formed by studying only theory, therefore, internships in commercial organizations are an integral part of the educational process. During their studies, students have an opportunity to complete internships at universities in Europe (in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, etc.), South Korea and China.
The main places of internship are large international and national companies of various spheres and sectors of the economy that are interested in attracting graduates to work. Also during the internship, there are numerous work placements and master classes from market leaders and future employers, including Unilever, P&G, Nike, Coca-Cola, Nestle, UNIQLO, Danone Unimilk, Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazpromneft, Sibur, RusAl, Sberbank, Severstal, Baltika, 3M Russia, X5 Retail Group, Volkswagen Group Rus, M.Video, Eldorado, McDonald's, Dixie, Magnet, L'Etoile, Medtech, E&Y, PWC, IBM, SAP AG, Oracle, MBS.


Graduates of the specialty “Business Management” are ready to work in managerial positions in various functional divisions of production and service organizations, consulting companies, banks, non-profit and charitable organizations. National and global companies are fighting for the opportunity to attract the best graduates with the potential for career growth and professional development.
Career growth is accompanied by an increase in wages, which is difficult for managers to limit. It all depends on the career ambitions, dedication and hard work of the specialist, as well as the size and characteristics of the company's business.