International Marketing Management

International Marketing Management

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Training period
2 Year
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For Russia and CIS citizens


The main objective of the Master’s Programme in “International Marketing Management ” is to train professionals in the field of international marketing for analytical, organisational, managerial and entrepreneurial activities in commercial and other organisations. The programme is offered in English language in partnership with a leading Brazilian university (Federal University of Fluminense) as part of the BRICS Network University.
A special feature of this programme is the emphasis on the development of skills in the development and implementation of marketing strategies in the international and multicultural environment of the modern world, considering the specifics of business development in the BRICS countries. Graduates of the programme should have the competencies to work in mixed multinational groups, know the peculiarities of cultural and market environment of BRICS countries. The professional field of graduates is marketing and PR departments of major Russian and international companies, analytical agencies, and government organizations focused on international trade.
This paradigm implies the formation of a comprehensively trained specialist with intercultural and professional competencies required to work in the field of international marketing and to successfully compete in the labour market.

Educational Process

This programme has chosen the modular principle of training with the possibility of using distance learning technologies as the main principle of the implementation of the programme and the development of the required academic professional competencies.
The programme encourages students and lecturers to participate in scientific and practical research regularly in order to study on a deeper level the aspects of modern business and develop understanding of the world as a multicultural and constantly changing structure. This implies theoretical and applied research in a wide range of marketing areas in cooperation with practitioners, politicians and the general academic community.
Educational activities under this master’s degree programme are carried out in English.
This programme implies a comprehensive study of markets in terms of their B2C and B2B marketing; management of distribution channels, trends in consumer behaviour; features of marketing communications, organizational structures and market environment. Based on an agreement between the RUDN University and the Fluminense Federal University (Brazil), students who have successfully completed the study programme and fulfilled the relevant requirements are awarded master’s degrees from the RUDN University and the Fluminense Federal University (Brazil) upon graduation.


The research work internship precedes the preparation and defence of the Master’s thesis and is conducted in the form of working with information resources on the area of research and independent study of normative and scientific literature. The internship can be based at the following places:
— organisations of any organisational-legal form, in which graduates can potentially work as executives or managers in various services of management apparatus;
— organisations in which graduates are entrepreneurs who create and develop their own business;
— research organisations involved in solving management problems in the target area;
— institutions of higher and additional professional education system.


Most companies recognise the necessity to implement marketing. Vacancies in this field are constantly arising in different variations around the world and include areas such as marketing research and auditing, advertising and RK management, event planning, marketing analysis, etc. Potential employers of the graduates of the master’s program “International Marketing Management” are private and public companies (especially international) involved in the market economy and in need of an informed approach to the strategy of their behaviour in today's global and national economy. The target group of such companies are Russian and Brazilian companies involved in cooperative and other commercial projects. Graduates of the programme can occupy the following positions: project manager in the target area (group, department, centre for development and implementation of marketing activities, marketing plans, development programmes); market manager; brand manager; marketing manager; marketing analyst; international marketing specialist, etc.