International Marketing

International Marketing

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Training period
2 Year
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For Russia and CIS citizens


The “International Marketing” programme is designed to provide the skills required for successful work in the modern international marketing environment, to teach students how to solve certain marketing problems in a globally competitive environment. Graduates of the programme will be able to operate successfully in marketing services and departments of leading Russian and multinational companies, take part in development and implementation of marketing strategies of these companies. Professional competencies, acquired during the education period, such as skills in strategic marketing, e-marketing, international branding, promotion programmes tailored to specific national markets, help graduates of the programme to improve their career opportunities.
This programme aims to integrate international experience of goods and services promotion with the experience of market activities of well-known foreign companies (Nestle, Danone, Coca-Cola, Adidas) in the conditions of the Russian economy. Students are given the opportunity to master special areas of marketing at an advanced level, including marketing audit, strategic alliances (co-branding), marketing metrics, corporate website development, crowdsourcing, trade marketing, global trade networks, etc.
The practical orientation of the programme is realised through a large number of master classes and the active participation of marketing experts from Russian and international companies in the educational process.

Educational Process

The Master’s programme includes:
— study of organizational and cross-cultural problems of international marketing;
— study of the areas of interaction between international marketing and related types of management activities — strategic analysis and planning in the context of the contradictory process of globalization;
— development of skills in determining the main directions for conducting international business, organizing and conducting marketing research considering key global trends, developing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies;
— formation of an integrated approach to the development and organization of marketing communications, including electronic and Internet technologies;
— in-depth study of international marketing experience in both developed and emerging markets;
— the possibility of internships of students in foreign partner universities in order to immerse themselves in the subject under study.


The organisation of internships is an essential part of the educational process. The internships are carried out at leading Russian and foreign companies in various fields with large marketing divisions, as well as government agencies. Among them: Adidas Group (Brand Marketing Department, Product Marketing Department), British American Tobacco Russia (International Tobacco Marketing Services), Coca-Cola Hellenic (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Johnson&Johnson (Consumer Division), Sprandi (Marketing Department), Unilever (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Nestle (Marketing Department, Customer Service Department, Sales Department), etc.


The job responsibilities of international marketing specialists are to develop the company's marketing strategy, research and analyse the market, monitor the competitive environment regarding international competition and the latest trends in the global marketing environment. They are responsible for introducing new products to specific national markets, managing product ranges, and developing measures to increase sales efficiency. Marketing specialists are also responsible for developing promotional and marketing materials, media planning using the latest IT technologies.
The list of organisations in which a graduate can carry out professional activity after completion of this Master’s programme: Adidas Group (Brand Marketing Department, Product Marketing Department), British American Tobacco Russia (International Tobacco Marketing Services), Coca-Cola Hellenic (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Danone (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Johnson & Johnson (Consumer Division), JTI (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Sprandi (Marketing Department), L'Oreal (Marketing Department, Commercial Department), PepsiCo International Russia (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Procter & Gamble (Marketing, Marketing Department), Unilever (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Campbell's (Marketing Department), Colgate-Palmolive (Marketing Department, Customer Development Department), Diageo (Customer Marketing, Consumer Marketing), Heineken Russia (Marketing Department), Kraft Foods Rus (Marketing Department, Sales Department), Mars (Marketing Department), Nestle (Marketing Department, Customer Relationships Department, Sales Department), Pernod Ricard Rouss (Marketing Department, Sales Department), SAB Miller Rus (Marketing Department), Sun InBev (Marketing Department).