International Projects Managment

International Projects Managment

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Training period
2 Year
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Cost of education
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For Russia and CIS citizens
For the citizens of the countries of "far abroad"
5000 4300


Over the past decades, project management has emerged as a new culture of managerial activity in civilized business and business cooperation in different countries. The project approach is used in public and private companies, in small and large businesses. Now it is difficult to name at least one project of global importance or a well-known company in the world that does not use project management methods and tools in its practice. In conditions of constant increasing competition, the company's readiness for unforeseen turns of events and the ability of competent managers to anticipate, plan and manage changes become especially relevant. The main goal of the Master’s programme is to train in-demand specialists in the field of international project management who are able to compete with foreign colleagues and conduct successful activities in both Russian and international companies. Knowledge of project management skills allows you to build a successful career in public authorities, business structures and international corporations.
The profession of project manager is highly in demand in many industries, including the field of information technology, construction, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, organization of international events, etc.

Educational Process

The unique programme provides an opportunity to gain not only theoretical knowledge related to project management methods, but also to acquire practical skills necessary for successful work in both Russian and international companies. The main course “International Project Management” allows you to study all aspects of project management based on the PMBOK standard. The course “Agile Project Management” provides knowledge in the field of modern flexible project management methods. The programme also includes such courses as “Project analysis”, “Analysis and forecasting of market conjuncture”, “Information Management Systems”, “Contract Management”, “Business Engineering”, “Internet Project Management”, “Innovation Project Management”, “Project risk analysis”, “Project Financing” and others . The educational process includes case analysis, business games and business simulation based on SimulTrain software. After the programme, the master will be able to assess the investment attractiveness of the project, develop a project business plan, form a project team, choose a suitable project management methodology, prepare contract documentation, identify project risks and develop measures to minimize them. The lecturers are experts in the field of project management who have practical experience in Russian and international companies.
Modern information technologies and software are widely used in the teaching process, for example, Microsoft Project, Project Expert, mySAP ERP, etc. The masters of the programme conduct active scientific work, participate in round tables and annual conferences of young scientists.


There are regular master classes with experienced Russian and foreign specialists and leading experts in the field of project management during the study. Our permanent partners are SAP, SimulTrain, N-Gage Consulting, Unesco Chamber of Industry, Industrial Project Management Center under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, etc. Master classes are carried out in an interactive form, the skills of managing project teams, human and time resources, developing strategies and tactics for project implementation are practiced. During the learning process, students create teams to develop their own projects: innovative, investment, charitable, social, research, with which teams participate in the annual international SkyRocket competition, the annual student Olympiad on project management QUASAR and other competitions. At the final stage of study, students undergo pre-graduation internship. The main place of internship is the Industrial Project Management Center under the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Our students also have internships in companies such as Goetz Partners, Sovcombank, Renault, etc. The internship allows the masters to apply their knowledge in real conditions and stay in the company for further work.


A Project Manager, or a Project leader, is a specialist responsible for the successful completion of a project. This position imposes a high responsibility on the expert, because it is up to him or her to manage all the processes and resources of the project and the final result of the work depends on them. The career path of the project manager always leads to top management and projects with a larger budget.
The profession of the Project Manager is in demand in many industries, including information technology, construction works, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, organization of international events, etc. The field of the professional activity of masters includes organizations of any legal form: commercial, non-commercial, state and municipal. In every large business, the project manager is necessary and pays off economically.
Today, this major is one of the most popular ones. Graduates of the program can hold the following positions: project manager (group, department, center for project development and implementation, business plans, development programs); project manager; project coordinator; project planning manager; member of the team of project managers, etc.