Bioenergies and Biorefineries

Bioenergies and Biorefineries

Mode of study
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Training period
2 Year
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The Master's Educational Programme "Bioenergies and Biorefineries" shows the diversity of research areas in the field of fundamental and applied chemistry and is focused on the preparation of masters of chemistry who possess modern methods of research and synthesis of substances and materials of various nature, capable of engaging in scientific, practical and pedagogical activities. The program is aimed at providing students with the conditions for: acquiring the level of knowledge, skills, skills, and experience of professional activity; formation of general, general professional and professional competencies; high-quality fundamental and professional training in the field of chemistry and related fields, competitive in the labor market, successfully solving professional tasks in the research field of activity.
The graduates of the Master's Educational Programme "Bioenergies and Biorefineries" are able to solve the tasks of scientific activity in the field of chemical and related profile, requiring specialists with higher chemical education. The graduates of the program can work as employees of scientific and educational organizations, laboratories of chemical, biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries; researchers in scientific and educational organizations.
In the framework of the acquired competencies and qualifications, graduates can perform work in other areas of professional activity, including in the field of scientific and technical, development and implementation of chemical products for various purposes; in the field of metrology, certification and technical quality control of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, including pharmaceutical products; in the field of chemical and toxicological research, as well as in the field of optimization of existing and development of new technologies, methods and techniques for obtaining and analyzing new materials and substances.

Educational Process

The Master's Educational Programme "Bioenergies and Biorefineries" is aimed at obtaining and forming students' modern ideas about the main trends in the development of modern chemistry, the latest methods of physicochemical analysis, the nature and the phenomena which underlie the methods of obtaining, identification, and study of properties of substances and materials, and also includes independent scientific research within the framework of the scientific direction of the profile department.
Training is carried out both by the leading representatives of the Organic Chemistry Department of RUDN University and by inviting leading professors of foreign universities, recognized experts in this field.
Form of implementation: full-time.
Lectures and master classes of inviting world-class foreign scientists, joint creative projects and conferences are regularly held.

The graduating department for this programme is Organic Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science of RUDN university.
In accordance with the chosen learning trajectory, special disciplines of the programme provide high-quality theoretical and practical training of students in combination with scientific research.
Practical classes and scientific research are conducted in the educational and research laboratories of the graduating department, equipped with modern instrumentation and analytical equipment, as well as in leading international and Russian universities.
In the course of the training the students study the following special disciplines:
The first academic yesr:
«Actual problems of modern chemistry »;
«Foreign language in professional activity»;
«Russian language in professional activity»;
«Experimental lab 1: Flow + alternative technologies»;
«Experimental lab 2: Biorefineries and Bioproducts»;
«Experimental lab 3: Advanced Organic Synthesis».
«Modern organic synthesis and pharmacology»;
«Alternative / new tools for organic synthesis»;
«Bioproducts and Biorefineries»;
«Advanced Organic Synthesis»;
«Catalyst (nanomaterials) design and applications)»;
«Catalysis: from Basic principles to applications. Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, PhotoCatalysis, Biocatalysis, Electrocatalysis».
Variable component:
«Emerging contaminants: from fate to environmental remediation»;
«The method of working with databases».
The second academic year:
Study at a partner university or RUDN. Considerable time is devoted to the student's research activities and work in a team of researchers. The training ends with the defense of a master's thesis.


Student Scientific-Research work and Pre-graduation practical training are real opportunities for the students to try themselves as research chemists. Trainings included in the Study plan are conducted on the basis of scientific laboratories and centers of Research Institute of Chemistry (RIC) as well as in cooperation with leading universities:
- Scientific center «Crystal Chemistry and Structural Analysis»,
- Scientific center «Cluster of streamlined synthesis of natural compounds»,
- Scientific center «Microwave-assisted Organic Synthesis»;
- A.N.Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS);
- A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, RAS (TIPS RAS);
- King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (UPM);
- Xi'an Jiaotong University;
- Federal University of FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF PARÁ;
Students of the Master's programme actively participate in research grants. Cooperation with leading Russian universities in terms of joint research projects is widely used. There is an opportunity for international cooperation and study abroad.


Graduates of the master's degree programme "Bioenergy and biomass processing products" in the direction 04.04.01 "Chemistry" are able to solve the tasks of scientific activity in the field of chemical and related profile, requiring specialists with higher chemical education. Graduates of the program can work as:
-employees of scientific and educational organizations, laboratories of chemical, biochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries;
-researchers in scientific and educational organizations.